Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year's Eve!

I see I haven't posted in a few days.  I've been busy unpacking.  I did manage to have a couple of melt downs this weekend.  The sheer enormity of this move just overwhelmed me.  I have no where to put boxes and papers.  I've started filling trash bags with the papers from unwrapping things and I mostly break down the boxes, but it'll be months before I find my garage and the rest of the stuff the idiot movers left out there.
This is just one side of the garage.  All those bags are just papers to be recycled.  The problem is, in Burlington, they only pick up recycling every other week!  That large can amidst the bags is the recycling bin.  And the rule is, they do not pick up anything outside the bin! And they just picked up on Friday.  It is already full for pickup in two weeks! It is seriously going to take me all summer to get rid of all this stuff.  Maybe I can find a recycling station somewhere.
It got so bad that I started keeping the boxes in the house:
That's in the dining room.  I also have some in the basement!
Anyway, I am making progress and I hauled all the paper and boxes out of the main part of the basement so I don't have to look at them anymore!

As I was doing my meditation and reading this morning, I came across this, from Romans 6:4, with Paul speaking, "walk in newness of life." What a great thought to carry into the new year.  Everything old we can leave behind with 2017, and walk in the newness of life in 2018. Sounds like a plan to me!
Until next time....blessings.  And Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New room

My plan of attack is not working so well!  I was going to do one box per room til they are all done.  Today I had to go to Steph's while she picked up AJ from basketball and took him to a chiro appt.  Her stove was being delivered just as she got home.  So then I had to stay because they blocked my car in the driveway.  Before I left I figured I'd open a box in the guest room.  Well, I opened 4 boxes in the guest room and then laundered all the bedding in those boxes (among a ton of other stuff).  So, this is the guest room bed:
All bedding including the quilt has been washed and dried and put on the bed! And that's about all I accomplished today!  I will take the ornaments off the tree tonight and maybe put the tree in a new box -- God knows I have enough of them.
Looking forward to a break with friends in Rockford tomorrow.
Until next time.... Blessings.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

After Christmas

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Lots of family, lots of food!  So today is the beginning of our healthy goals challenge.  I weighed myself this morning and wrote it down (memory ain't what it used to be!)  Then I spent a half an hour on my recumbent bike, once I figured out how to hook up the wires to make it recumbent -- thank you very much you lousy movers.

I finally reorganized the pantry and threw out a lot of old spices and things I don't use/want/need.  No, I didn't donate to the food pantry -- if I'm not going to use them/eat them, I'm sure not going to try to foist them on someone else who really needs a decent meal.
I also did my laundry and put it away -- still have 4 tops I need to iron -- and they will be done today!
And then, I spent a couple of hours doing this:

I am woman, hear me roar!  Yes, I put this snowblower together by myself.  Hardest part was getting it out of the box!  I just followed all the instructions and there you go.  An electric snowblower!  I had tried to hire a couple of different companies to plow my drive, but apparently it's too late in the season, or they didn't want my money, because no one agreed.  So, I bought an electric one with a cord (I tried to buy a cordless one -- but absolutely no one had it in stock or could order it -- so there you go.)  My driveway is 2-1/2 cars wide, but not that long and the street is gravel, so I will only be doing my drive and if I can keep it up, it shouldn't be too bad - a few inches at a time!
Next up is to sort thru all my clothes in closet and drawers and only keep the stuff I really wear.  I'll be donating the rest to the church for their clothing give-away in the spring.  
My son-in-law did get my longarm leveled, so I do need to get fabric put away so I can see what I have to work on.  
They also changed out the water filter in the basement that hadn't been changed in months, if at all, so we're good there, too.

So, how did everyone else do today?  For dinner tonight I'm having a salad and probably a slice of ham or two.
Until next time...Blessings for you and yours.


Friday, December 22, 2017


Last night I went to AJ's junior high basketball game - one of the reasons I moved up here! Only takes about 15 minutes to get home afterwards and I get to see all three boys usually.
Another reason:
Not the tree - the presents under it.  Steph and I used to wrap presents every year while we watched Die Hard!  Traditional Christmas movie!  Haven't done it in years, and yesterday afternoon we did!  Gifts are for all four kids from me. And since I hate shopping, I just gave Steph the money and she did the shopping all online!  She knows what the kids want and the sizes to buy!
So, speaking of Steph, she was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Her doctor did not put her on any med at the moment -- just some stretching exercises and a muscle relaxer that he prescribed a couple of weeks ago.  It's to help her sleep at night.  I remember a friend from guild years ago was finally diagnosed after many doctors and lots of pain.  She researched everything and read a book called, "What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Fibromyalgia".  I contacted Joyce and she pointed me in the right directions -- there is a website, an online group, and of course the book.
Joyce followed the protocol exactly and after many years of suffering, she is symptom free.
So, I'm reading the book and have ordered one for Steph. We shall go through this together.  (I was amazed that her doctor told her this is an inherited disease - makes me think all those pains I have may not just be arthritis.)
Anyway - back to the Subject line!  Goals:
Starting Dec. 26 - the day after Christmas, because why wait till the new year?!  I'm going back to exercising (I haven't walked or exercised in over a month).  Lori and Nancy and I started last spring walking in the mornings.  Then Nancy had to stop because of back pain.  But Lori and I continued up until I moved.  I also cut sugar from my diet and was losing weight -- and feeling a lot better - pretty sure it was the sugar!  Nancy's on a low sodium diet, I'm going back off sugar and keeping it low fat, so we're going to try exchanging recipes whenever we find something that is easy to make and follows the low sodium, sugar, fat requirements and we're going to keep ourselves accountable as to exercising - either reporting our steps for the day, or time of walking, or exercising.  I'm reporting mine here -- just to keep myself accountable!  If you want to join us - weigh yourself in the morning of the 26th (do not report your weight -- that's your business), but its the best way to keep yourself aware.  We'll announce our progress once a month.  And if you have any good recipes, please feel free to share them here!

Until next time....Merry Christmas and Blessings to all.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


But not putting away. I have way too much stuff and some stuff that I'll never finish and some stuff I'm not interested in and just a whole lot of stuff that needs to be redirected - either to someone else, or to the trash.  2018 is going to be the year of paring down!  Case in point:  I've been unpacking boxes in the sewing room, but have no idea where the stuff is going to go and can't make that decision til after Christmas because the boys are gonna want to play pool Christmas day!
This is where the two machines are gong to be --- but all the stuff I haven't found a place for is piled on the tables right now - or on the floor!
And here's the antique table piled high with stuff that all has to be gone through before I can find its permanent home,
And this is a shot from the pool table in the middle of the room down to the longarm and along the walls where there are still boxes and stuff and fabric, etc.  
I'm seriously waiting til Christmas is over this year so I can actually attack this mess.  I need a good routine and I need to get back to quilting.
And today I need to get the rest of the decorations on the tree so I can stop tripping over the box of decorations in the middle of the living room!
Until next time....Blessings and Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 18, 2017

Just like Christmas!

I am officially a Wisconsinite - I have a temporary driver's license, Wisconsin license plates, and a Wisconsin title to my car -- it's a one-stop shop here.  Only problem is, he spelled my name wrong -- so I shall forever be known as Talbot.  Whatever...!
I did three loads of laundry today and still haven't folded the last two or put the clean sheets on my bed -- gotta get that done before bedtime!
The movers made a point of putting all my Rubbermaid totes that contain Christmas and other seasons decorations in the garage -- they belong downstairs.  So, I've been slowly, but surely taking them downstairs myself -- not sure what I paid the morons for at all.
While I was down there, I got distracted!  I started unpacking some of the myriad boxes!  And look what I found:
All my drawers -- they brought the stand in by itself and packed the drawers in two different boxes --kind of a search and rescue thing today!  And Nancy, I found my Legendary Love blocks!  Might have to pull the second one out to work on it after Christmas!
And, I set up both my sewing machines:
I still have a ton of boxes to unpack and try to work around the darn pool table.  The grandsons are going to have to understand that my quilting takes precedence over their pool games!  And their dad is going to have to help me move boxes and furniture and fix the longarm too!  I'm sure he's thrilled about it!
So, tonight I have to make my bed, but I also need to put the heating pad on my neck -- probably pulled a muscle today.
Until next time...Blessings.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Making Progress

The last few days I have made some progress.  And also met with some friends -- a much needed break.
This is half of the living room.  Can't get all my furniture in the way I want to and had it in the other house, but its there and I'll get used to it.  I did change out the lousy drapes they had in there, but still need to replace the curtain rods. I couldn't get the screws out, so have to wait for my son-in-law to do it for me.  What is with curtains/drapes nowadays?  I ordered 72"x 63" lined panels and that's exactly what I got - panels.  There is no extra fabric in them at all -- closed they barely meet in the middle and there is no gathering or pleats, or anything extra.  You have to buy two sets in order to get enough fabric.  I hate it.  I ordered curtains for the bedroom and ordered two sets to make sure I had enough to cover the window -- since it's actually 79" wide -- double windows.
And this is the dining area of the kitchen.  Originally had the two side cabinets of the Hoosier cabinet in here, but Steph and I moved them downstairs on Friday.  The drapes in here are atrocious, so they will be replaced as soon as Aaron can come over and take them down for me.
All in all, I'm making some progress -- just trying to get boxes out of here for Christmas, since I am having Christmas day here! No oven, but we're going to fake it!  Haven't put my china in the cabinet at all -- that shall remain in boxes until I get around to having the room painted.  I will have someone come in and paint the living room/dining room/kitchen and hallway.  The living room has an angled ceiling that is very high -- so I will pay someone to paint!
Had a wonderful time this morning at breakfast with Pastor Chris and Lori.  He's loving his new job at Rosecrance and it is so wonderful to hear him talk -- he's full of enthusiasm and feels good because he's actually helping people and seeing the results.  He considers it the perfect job for him and to hear him talk -- it is!  They found a great person for the spiritual leader I can tell you.

I did put my tree up this evening -- still need to find the outlet strip to connect the lights to and then actually decorate it!  In due time!
Until next time....Blessings and Merry Christmas to you all.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday's adventures

I spent most of the day cleaning and organizing the master bathroom.  I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but the painted walls match the blue/green of the sink ---- which in no way matches the green tub!  Hopefully, next year I will have the tub and ceramic tile taken out and replaced with a one piece tub/shower and change out the sink to white!  Eventually I will replace the flooring, but not high on the list right now.
And this is the master bedroom.  The bath runs right into this room, but this room is painted blue, not green!  I have not vacuumed yet -- I had the wrong bags for my vacuum and had to order them and they came today, so maybe Friday I'll vacuum!  I had 3 boxes in the bath to unpack and one in the bedroom.  I also put up a curtain rod in this bedroom.  I ordered curtains that will be here this week sometime -- but they will in no way match the paint job!  I like them and will repaint the room next summer (well, mostly Stephanie will repaint the room!)
Also got a call from the appliance company and they have ordered a new oven for me -- not cheap -- but I won't have to worry about burning the house down!  I have no idea how long it will take to get it.
Trying to get someone to call me back about plowing snow for the winter.  Called two places so far.
And, yesterday I got my hair cut - short!  And less than half the price of the hairdresser I've been going to for more than 20 years.  And, I like the cut -- which I hadn't liked the cut for a long time in Rockford.
And, last but not least, last night was Will's fifth grade band Christmas program.  They played two songs at the beginning and two hours later, they
 played in the finale!  Grandma and Briana did not stay for the whole thing -- only for Will's part -- he plays the clarinet and was on the end seat towards the audience so it was great.
Tomorrow I take my car in for winterizing - to Marden's in Rockford -- I trust them and don't know about any here in Burlington.  Meeting Lori and Nancy for lunch afterwards - looking forward to it - I think I need another break!
Until next time....Blessings.

Monday, December 11, 2017


This is the master bathroom.  It had a lousy bamboo roman shade that actually broke at the window and it did not entice me to use the bathroom at all.  Plus, its filthy.  But, this afternoon I did this:
Blinds!  I not only bought the right size, but I managed to install them myself.  Pretty proud of myself!
 'Course, this is what the rest of the bathroom looks like right now:
I did manage to clean out the shelves and drawers and install nice shelf paper, that is much easier to clean than the wood.  As Scarlet would say, "Tomorrow is another day."
I did clean the main bath today.
I also contacted an appliance company - the owner is a woman and she and her sidekick came out to take measurements of the oven and area around it.  I am not taking any chances with the oven, so just having it replaced.  
Also called a snow plow company, but they haven't called me back yet.
Also made an appointment to take my car into my car guy in Rockford on Thursday at 10.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to find a hair stylist -- got a couple different ones to call in Burlington. My hair is driving me stark raving mad - I know, that's only a short walk!
And Steph is coming over one afternoon this week - either Wed. or Friday and helping me move a few pieces around.  When I was out today, I moved some empty boxes and brought a couple of Christmas boxes inside (they should all have been brought to the basement by the movers!).  Also found a wardrobe box in the garage, clearly marked Clothing, Basement!  Thanks for leaving that in the garage too you morons.  
When they moved me from Byron to Rockford, they were great -- this time not so much.  I would not recommend them to anyone.
Well, getting time to heat up leftover chili for supper!
Until next time....Blessings.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


I finally opened the last box (I hope) of the kitchen stuff.  
I felt so good about it, I started making chili:
Took a different tack at it today.  I cleaned out the hall linen closet and put shelf paper in it.  Every time I went to the basement I took something that belongs down there, and whenever I came back up I brought up towels and such from the box marked Linen Closet that the movers were so clever and put in the basement - NOT!  So I have emptied that box and while putting things in the linen closet, I also set aside towels and things for Briana - she and her friend have found themselves an apartment together - they have nothing except what the other girl's mother has bought and what we've all given them.  So now she'll have some towels and a couple of nice pans that I put in there.
I also started a box for the church - so far there are sweaters, sweatshirts, purses, and there will be other clothes added as I unpack.  I have throw- away and giveaway boxes, besides the church box.  I should have done this years ago, but I didn't, so now I have an abundance that I paid good money to move once again!  So this time it is going to be a ruthless purge!  It started with the computer desk and it's going to go on for a long time!  No one person should have all this stuff!
Until next time...Blessings to you and yours!

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Missed a Day!

But, I have been busy.  My dear son-in-law, Aaron came over early this morning (I heard someone shoveling and couldn't figure out where it was coming from!) So, Aaron shoveled the inch of snow we had.  Then he hooked up my washer and dryer.  And fixed a few other things.  Then we went down and set up the longarm.
I still need to hook up all the cables and wires, but after Aaron left, I ate a quick lunch and then remembered I needed to send a couple of forms to my insurance company.  Every year they send me a statement of premiums for next year in September.  I know I have to save it and I kept putting it where I would find it easily.  Then in November, my husband's company sends me a letter stating what they are going to pay towards the premium (mind you what they pay stays the same for the past 7 years at least, and the premiums for the insurance steadily rises!)  Anyway, I kept the company letter out during the whole packing/moving because I knew I had to send it and the form back to the insurance company.  Do you think I could find the premium form?  NO!  So, tore the office apart and opened all but one box in there to get them out of my way, and to check thru every piece of paper in every box!  One box was labeled office desk and it contained candles and such from the dry sink which is not a desk!
Anyway - finally found the paper and then had to open another box to find a stamp!  And now the office looks like an explosion happened in there.
                            The desk area!
 And the inside of the closet with all those nice shelves! There's also a computer desk that I did not want in the office and the movers couldn't care less where I wanted things.  (The box marked linen closet is in the basement!)  
So, this will be an ongoing purge.  I still have all the paperwork and extra thank you cards, etc. from the funerals of both my mom and dad and Bill!  Seriously- why?  So, as things go along, I'll be looking to get rid of the computer desk if anyone is interested.  I also have a flat screen monitor and I'll be donating the computer to the recycle place!  I think it has Windows Vista on it - but I need to wipe the drive or kill it!
Anyway- that's my day in a nutshell!  Now I'm going to put my feet up and relax!
Until next time.....Blessings.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Day 4

And I still haven't gotten close to finishing the kitchen.  The kids are coming over Saturday.  Aaron is going to do a few chores and hopefully start putting the longarm together.  Steph's gonna help me get the kitchen and maybe a couple of linen closets done.
So, here's the kitchen:  I have no more room to unload boxes until I get all this washed and put away!
And just for fun:  This is this little office.  And I specifically told the movers not to put my desk in there or any other furniture other than the printer.  So, they stuck the other computer desk in here that belongs in the basement, and the printer stand.  I'll probably keep the printer stand for now -- but computer desk is out the door.  I have a nice closet in there with shelves that I have dreams of getting to one of these days!
The computer desk on the left with the boxes is blocking the closet!
I did spend some time in here today changing addresses on health insurance and social security, etc. Oh, and I get a whopping $4 a month increase in SS next year -  I am so happy that I'm paying for all those politicians' retirement funds.

I'm off tomorrow to spend some quality time with my friends - quilting!
 Until next time....Blessings.


Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Doesn't Look Like Progress!

So far today, I have emptied 8 boxes in the kitchen and 1 in the bedroom. I have started filling the pantry, still have boxes of food I'm sure.
This is just one half of the pantry and you wouldn't believe how much food I threw away today because I was never able to see what I had - just one big cabinet drawer with canned goods in it and an upper cabinet with spices and everything else.  Garbage went out tonight, so I'll start refilling the cans again tomorrow!
Making progress on the boxes in the living room, but still have a massive mess to fold and fill another box.

And in the kitchen:
I still have 5 boxes left, but I've found my dishes and have run two loads of the dishwasher and hope to load a third one tonight.  
Between finding my dishes, my toaster oven, and my food and tossing a lot of food, I'm hungry!  I think I'll run to the store in the morning and put Taco Soup in the crockpot!
Oh, and my new microwave arrived, but its so darn heavy I have to wait til my son-in-law can unpack it and put it in its cubby. 
So, rest of the night:  put away another load of dishes, restock the dishwasher, and sit and fold paper!

Until next time....Blessings on you and yours.


Tuesday, December 05, 2017

And God said, "Let there be Light"

I had a good day today -- had lunch with a great friend in Pecatonica, and then a meeting of the minds at the quilt shop!
Then tried to see my other great friend, but of all days, she had to run an errand for the church and it was getting late, so had to stop at the store in Rockford, then to my daughter's to pick up all my freezer and refrigerated food.  Got that all put away in my fridge.  Then sat in the recliner for a bit (so nice to sit in my recliner!).  
Then got up and started unpacking a box. Did the coat closet, then did another one:
You can see one of the lights I found.  I found the other two also, but blogger won't let me upload the picture.  I ended up unpacking 4 boxes in the living room tonight.
So then I sat and folded the paper and stuffed it in one of the boxes.  And now you can at least walk thru the living room!  It'll take months to get all this stuff recycled - they only pick up recyclables every other week here.  It's a big bin, but everything has to be in the bin - they won't take anything outside the bin.
My goal tomorrow is to tackle the kitchen and I hope to unpack another box in each of the rooms upstairs -- which means I have to clean out and put shelf paper in wherever the stuff in the boxes goes!
So, until next time...Blessings.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Furniture and Boxes

The movers arrived about 9 am and left at 1:50 pm.  My house looks like a cardboard factory exploded in it.  
This was my kitchen!  Before they arrived I managed to clean out and put shelf paper in all but two double door cabinets on the bottom.  And then they boxed me in!
Another shot of the kitchen!
This is a shot of the living room, after I made a spot to hook up the TV. I was happy to see my recliners, although they also uncovered my Christmas tree, so I think I'll have to move one of the recliners to get the tree up.  So nice to be able to sit down.  I bought a cheap Walmart chair to sit on over the weekend, but really missed my recliner.  I got very little sleep last night on the airbed, so definitely looking forward to a good nights sleep in my own bed -- first time in two weeks tonight; although I still need to make it! And I can't tell you how good its going to be to sleep under a real quilt again - a flimsy throw is not very warm!
So now I'm off to make my bed and unpack another box in the bedroom!
Until next time....Blessings to you and yours.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Day 3 in the house

 Big plans today to clean out all the kitchen cabinets and put in shelf paper (so much easier to wipe out than the wood of the cabinets).   Instead, Kevin and Deb brought all my plants up and to see the house.  They've had them for a couple of weeks and now my Christmas cactus has a couple of buds ready to open!  It was in the 60's today, so they wanted to get them up here before we drop back to the 30's.
So then I started again in the kitchen.  This is as far as I got:
I managed to get six small shelves for glassware and cups cleaned and shelf paper installed!  Then spent the rest of the day researching microwaves since the sellers took theirs with them and my buyers wanted mine!  Finally ordered one from Amazon!
I knew moving in and cleaning and unpacking was not going to be a fast thing.  I am determined this time though to unpack all the boxes and start shredding a lot more papers than I've done in the past 4 years.  I had 3 or 4 boxes in the garage that I never even opened - one box of books and at least one of old tax returns.  No wonder we're all drowning in paper!  Now my tax returns are on cd's!
Tomorrow the furniture will arrive.  I can finally sleep in my own bed! Can't tell you what a joy it is to roll off the airbed and try to stand up!
Missed having lunch with my friends after church this morning.  Instead I had cold leftover pizza that the kids brought over last night!  Sad to say that the sellers had a cat here and not only did Steph react with her allergies, but so did little Mikey - apparently he has inherited her allergy to cat dander.  Poor kid spent half the time blowing his nose and then he started to clog up.  I think it will take more than vacuuming to get all the cat hair out of the air!
Stay tune for more excitement in Burlington, WI!
Until next time....Blessings.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

New Chapter, New House (to me) New State

Just moved in yesterday -- furniture won't be delivered until Monday.  Everything was planned for closing last Monday, so everything got pushed back day by day.  My furniture was loaded on the moving van on the 21st.  It's been sitting on the movers lot in Beloit since then.  Word of advice - don't take an offer if the people are going for a VA loan, or getting the loan from Chase Bank.  

Anyway, this is a pic of the entryway of the house.  Living room, and double door coat closet in the entrance.  This house is actually bigger than the last one - lots and lots of cupboards and closets - all six-panel hardwood.  Built in 1991 - back when they were still doing hardwood six-panel doors!

My son in law will be helping me put the longarm back together next Saturday, so I have a lot to clean and do before then!

Had to have the tech guy come out tonight to discover that the coax cable plugged into the wall was not actually plugged into anything -- fake wall socket!  Who'da thunk it?! But, happy to have wifi again!

I'm going to try posting every day now, so until next time......blessings to you and yours.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Back Again

Life sure has a way of getting busy!
I took a "Trip in a Zip" class from Ann Tully at Lucky 2B Quilting shop in Pecatonica a couple of months ago and managed to not only finish the top, but it's quilted and bound and ready to be gifted.
This is one of the kids quilts we make for the homeless, or needy.  I cut the tumbler fabrics with my Go! cutter and pieced one, and then our quilters at church pieced a few more.  This is one someone else pieced and it's waiting for me to quilt it. (It is quilted now!)
Our little church quilting group took a road trip to Bloomington, IL (about 2 hours away), because the Treadle quilt shop has big sales (all the time), and this time it was fat quarter packs for 1/2 price, plus an additional 20% off if you paid cash, so those 3 FQ packs are from there.  But while I was thinking about that sale, I started to think about all the FQ's I already have, not to mention a whole lot of yardage that's just aging in the cabinet.  So, I decided to start cutting it all up.  These piles are waiting to be cut.

These are two almost full bins of cut up fabrics and I haven't made a dent in the cabinet, although I did clear out a three drawer plastic file stuffed full of FQ's!

The plan is to cut 7" strips, 5" strips, and 2-1/2" strips.  I don't save anything smaller than 2" strips because I don't use anything smaller than that, and if I do need something smaller, I can cut from the 3 sizes of strips I have. I have a container of 3-1/2" squares of mostly kids fabrics, but if we need more, I can cut them from the 7" strips.
All of this fabric will be used for our charity quilts -- its so nice to use quilt shop quality fabric instead of some of the super cheap stuff that is sometimes donated to us.  And, when I want to make something for myself or others, I'll go buy the fabric! I mean, how many years of fabric stash do you have?  I started my collection in the early 90's!  So, I now take out a stack of fabric, press it one day, cut it the next time, etc.  It may take awhile, but I'm glad I started doing this.  We can cut the strips into rail fences, or just squares, or whatever pattern we want to make.

Until next time....blessings.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Finding Stuff

I was looking for some Double Wedding Ring templates I used to have (I never did find them), and came across this top I made probably 10 years ago.  I never quilted it because I couldn't figure out how to do it!  Now I have the Statler with thousands of patterns and might have to spend some time designing the quilting.  As I recall, this was my own design.
I also came across a Grandmother's Flower Garden top that was in my husband's family, although none of them knew who made it.  I had basted it to the backing to do some hand quilting -- also many years ago, but now I think I'll take that off and put it on the machine and finish it too.  (I can no longer hand quilt). There are some great GFG's patterns out there, so that won't take much to decide.
And now I'm off to do some hand applique.
Until next time.....blessings.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Making some progress

I've been working the past two days on quilting and cutting tumblers.  I have two quilts finished and ready to give to my friend, Nancy for her to bind -- both are quilts for the homeless.  I also loaded another to quilt next time.  And, I finally managed to cut all the tumblers for making kids quilts.  I have lots more of some fabrics than others, but that's okay, I can always cut more if we need them.  So, now I'm working on piecing one kid's quilt top to take with next Friday when we meet to sew at the church.  I need to show our new quilters how to piece the quilt, and then they can piece one of their own!
And, last night I actually cooked.  In case you don't know -- I hate to cook!  I'd rather sew or read or do anything else!  And cooking for one is not fun.  So, my niece gave me free sign-ups for Plated and Blue Apron.  Last night's meal was from Blue Apron.  (I had three meals for two delivered on Wednesday).  This was called
"Vegetable Fried Rice Bowls".  I left off the fried egg on top!
They send all the ingredients prepackaged in one use size.  That dark green stuff is Gai Lan, which I had never heard of!  
So, this is supposed to feed two people.  I think there's enough for three!  It actually was delicious.  Only problem is I have leftovers that need to be eaten!  But, it was good, and all I have to do is reheat the leftovers, which I'd rather do than cook another meal! lol
I still have two other meals in this shipment:  Cajun Catfish and Spiced Rice and Baked Ricotta Cannelloni.  I like catfish, but not real spicy food, but you can use as much or little of the spice as you want, which works for me!  
Until next time....blessings.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Just a little time in the studio today

This is the tumbler quilt I need to work on.  One strip done!
So the other day I managed to print 12 labels for the quilts for the homeless and I pressed all the kids fabrics ready for cutting.
Today I loaded a quilt on the longarm, added two labels to the two backings I had pieced and pressed, and then spent time cutting tumblers from the fabrics I already had cut.  
I didn't finish quilting the quilt, hope to do that tomorrow.  This has just been one of those weeks that I have a lot of appointments, or errands or other things that needed to get done, so only a few minutes spent in the studio and only about and hour and a half today.  And tomorrow we'll be visiting Lily and dropping off the lap quilt for her friend, that I did manage to get the binding sewn down!
Dinner tonight is going to be Panera Chicken Tortilla Soup that I just bought at Sam's Club this morning!  I got a delivery box from Blue Apron yesterday and was planning on fixing one of the dinners, but running around this morning wore me out and I'm too tired!  Maybe tomorrow!
Until next time....blessings.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Today's Adventure

Went to lunch after church, then came home and loaded the railfence onto the longarm.  Selected a pattern called Dancing Clovers -- not too dense and doesn't take long to run.  In theory.
First row ran fine, rolled the quilt, basted one side, and while basting the second side, the needle broke. And that was a brand new needle I just put in today, of course.  So, put in another needle, ran the basting, but it didn't sound right, so decided I needed to clean under the needle plate, and while doing that I noticed the timing was off on the machine.  The needle has to hit a certain spot at the same time the hook arrives there.  It was not.  So, shut down the machine, find the instruction booklet, and the timing device.  Need a flashlight, one in basement needs new batteries, of course -- the big type battery.  Find the other one upstairs.  Loosen the set screws, which, btw, are located behind the hook race and not exactly easy to get to.  Set the timing, moved the needle while trying to tighten the set screw, had to redo the timing.  Finally got it all timed, screwed in tight and put back together.  Clock chimes 3 times!  This was supposed to be a quick job!  Anyway, glad I did all that because it purrs like a kitten now and finished the quilt.  Made the binding while it was quilting, put on the walking foot on my Brother machine (why do they make it difficult to put on and take off the feet - my Bernina is really easy).  Started putting the binding on and thinking I'll probably run out of bobbin thread with my luck.  Yep -- ran a whole side and went to turn the corner and discovered I ran out of bobbin thread at the top of the side!  Replaced the bobbin.  Finished putting on the binding.  It is now upstairs with my sewing kit to hand sew the binding down sometime before Friday, when my friend Sharon and I are going to visit Lily (who btw is about 87 years young!) and bring her the quilt for her friend!
Only other chore on Sunday is gathering garbage and taking it to the road.  I have a ton of recyclables that need to go out too, but it is extremely windy here today, so I'll have to try to beat the trash men in the morning!
And that's all I have accomplished today, but it's enough!
Until next time....blessings.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

This is how Chaos Starts!

I got call yesterday afternoon from a sweet lady at church.  We gave her one of the lap quilts we made last year and she uses it every day either in her wheel chair or her couch.  Her friend loves it, so she requested I make her friend one, but in earth tones!  Cracks me up that they make a request of certain fabric when we make a lap quilt.  Anyway, so I had a stack of Kansas Troubles fabric strips that I was cutting for the ladies to make into homeless quilts.  I had to clean off the sewing table that had the Dresden plate pieces on it, and while the longarm was working on the Daisy pattern, I managed to piece a rail fence quilt - 36" square.

The daisy pattern took a long time to quilt one row, so it was a good day to piece.  Up until the last row, it went smoothly.  Then I kept getting thread breaks and what have you, so I ended up finishing the quilt and taking it off the longarm, but did not load the next one.  Some days my frustration level tells me to quit! 
I did manage to find a fabric for the backing for the rail fence and it's ready to be loaded tomorrow afternoon or the next time I get down there.

So, after I took the flowered top off the machine, I realized I didn't have any more backings made.  I like to have backings made up ahead of time for whenever the girls give me tops to do.  Thankfully, I had some fabric on bolts that was donated to us by "Lucky 2Be Quilting" shop in Pecatonica, so I pieced 6 backs.

However, I also need to put labels on the quilt backs, so I pressed four backings, had to clean off the other sewing machine table so I could zigzag the labels on, and the second shelf shows the four that are done:
The two on the ironing board didn't get pressed or labeled, because now I have to make labels!  I did move the Dresden Plate pieces to the counter.

And, that my friends is why all my big plans of finishing my own quilts or whatever else I want to work on, gets shoved to the back burner!  I did not press or cut any of the kids fabrics today; I did not piece any of the Dresden plate quilt. I didn't even get another quilt loaded on the machine.  Next time, I need to put in a new needle and run the oil routine before I can start quilting, and I need to spend a few minutes today printing more labels to use.  I pick Bible verses to put on the labels and our church name.  I print them out on the label fabric Electric Quilt sells.  It seems to work well.
And then I need to finish the two backings I haven't pressed or labeled!  
At least I'll have a lap quilt for dear Lily's friend by the end of the week!
Until next time.....blessings.