Saturday, February 11, 2017

This is how Chaos Starts!

I got call yesterday afternoon from a sweet lady at church.  We gave her one of the lap quilts we made last year and she uses it every day either in her wheel chair or her couch.  Her friend loves it, so she requested I make her friend one, but in earth tones!  Cracks me up that they make a request of certain fabric when we make a lap quilt.  Anyway, so I had a stack of Kansas Troubles fabric strips that I was cutting for the ladies to make into homeless quilts.  I had to clean off the sewing table that had the Dresden plate pieces on it, and while the longarm was working on the Daisy pattern, I managed to piece a rail fence quilt - 36" square.

The daisy pattern took a long time to quilt one row, so it was a good day to piece.  Up until the last row, it went smoothly.  Then I kept getting thread breaks and what have you, so I ended up finishing the quilt and taking it off the longarm, but did not load the next one.  Some days my frustration level tells me to quit! 
I did manage to find a fabric for the backing for the rail fence and it's ready to be loaded tomorrow afternoon or the next time I get down there.

So, after I took the flowered top off the machine, I realized I didn't have any more backings made.  I like to have backings made up ahead of time for whenever the girls give me tops to do.  Thankfully, I had some fabric on bolts that was donated to us by "Lucky 2Be Quilting" shop in Pecatonica, so I pieced 6 backs.

However, I also need to put labels on the quilt backs, so I pressed four backings, had to clean off the other sewing machine table so I could zigzag the labels on, and the second shelf shows the four that are done:
The two on the ironing board didn't get pressed or labeled, because now I have to make labels!  I did move the Dresden Plate pieces to the counter.

And, that my friends is why all my big plans of finishing my own quilts or whatever else I want to work on, gets shoved to the back burner!  I did not press or cut any of the kids fabrics today; I did not piece any of the Dresden plate quilt. I didn't even get another quilt loaded on the machine.  Next time, I need to put in a new needle and run the oil routine before I can start quilting, and I need to spend a few minutes today printing more labels to use.  I pick Bible verses to put on the labels and our church name.  I print them out on the label fabric Electric Quilt sells.  It seems to work well.
And then I need to finish the two backings I haven't pressed or labeled!  
At least I'll have a lap quilt for dear Lily's friend by the end of the week!
Until next time.....blessings.


Connie the Cootiebug said...

You have the heart of a quilter. :)
How nice of you to do all that work for others. I'm sure that it's appreciated too.
I just wanted to add that I used to read your blog quite some time ago. I was blogging then and had such a long list of bloggers on my sidebar then I ended mine for a long time. I'm only recently back but plan to stick around. My old blog got hacked and it was just a mess and I deleted it. I tried blogging again off & on but my heart just wasn't in it and none of those few lasted long. My desire to quilt also went into hibernation for a while. Anyway, I am back here and trying to do some catching up as I "find" the blogs I used to read and comment on. You may recall me as Cootie Bug perhaps. Or maybe not. I'll be back again to read more posts. :)
Connie W H the Cootie Bug

Shasta Matova said...

Here I am being all impressed about how much you were able to accomplish, only to find you were frustrated about not doing more! Be happy with what you accomplish. You are doing great!