Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Sound of Music

Just got home from the Sound of Music musical performed at the Starlight Theatre at Rock Valley College in Rockford. 
It was magnificent!  Wow are there some beautiful voices out there! Directed by Mike Webb and he's been directing plays and musicals for more than 20 years there.  The Starlight Theatre gets its name from it's roof.  It's an open air theatre with a roof that actually opens in the shape of a star so you are literally sitting under the stars watching the show.  And the weather was absolutely beautiful today and tonight for this show.  Superb!

Until next time....Blessings.

Monday, July 07, 2014

A quilt - for a change!

Seems to have been a busy year for me.  I did go on an Alaskan cruise in June -- it was a Quiltmaker's Block Party Cruise and my niece came with me.  We had a blast.  I took two quilt classes - one a Debbie Caffrey mystery that was really a great quilt.  I got one third of it done in class, and just finished the top last week.
We went to Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan -- Alaska is really an unbelievably beautiful state.  We even got to see a whale breach!  Stunning.  I think all I got on film was the splash afterwards!
I think I'm done traveling for awhile now.  Summer has arrived in the midwest -- I think.  We've had more rain in the past few months that it just feels like an extension of our very wet winter!  I'm enjoying the sun though, and not going to complain!

The quilt I did today:  Jo's Little Women's Club 13.  Those little squares are cut 1-1/4"! I used a lot of fabrics from last year that I had cut into at least 1-1/4" strips and some squares.  It's time to use up the fabrics I have -- I have tons of new Jo Morton fabrics, but I'd like to use up the old stuff too. 

I have organized a sew-in at my church once a month -- we're piecing quilts for the homeless.  I have a group of women that have never pieced a quilt -- most beginners and most don't even have a machine, so those of us that are quilters bring in extra machines and try to show them what to do!  We have an unlimited supply of 2-1/2" - 5" squares for them to put together.  I've also been trying to cut up some of my older fabric into larger squares so they can actually finish a top once in a while!  So far, I've quilted 3 of these quilts, bound one, still have one to put a label on, and thankfully, my friend Nancy takes them and binds them for me.  She's also provided me with 6 more tops that she's put together for me to quilt!  It seems to never end!  We're shooting for another 25 quilts to distribute in October or so.  We distributed 27 in May and they were well received.  These quilts are 60"x80".

Until next time....Blessings

Monday, May 19, 2014

New Baby

 I have been missing in action apparently!  Our church delivered 27 quilts to the homeless in our community last week.  And it was decided we'd do it again when we got 25 more made.  And since I did most of the quilting and one lady did most of the piecing and binding, we decided we'd teach a few ladies to piece quilts!  So, I went hunting for machines this morning.  Found a couple at Goodwill and Mission thrift stores and then went to the sewing machine store and bought two used machines -- cheap!  They're all cleaned up and oiled and ready to go.  But the three I bought at the thrift shops were not.  So, I managed to get two of them cleaned and oiled and they actually work really nicely.  I'll attempt the third one later this week.  But, this one was a find!  An antique "Rockford" machine in fabulous shape.  Made in Japan for the Rockford Co., Rockford, Illinois.  Which is where I live. Since it is not a featherweight (!), I'll probably leave it at church in case someone wants to sew during the weekdays.  I'll leave one of the other ones at church too. 
Our inaugural Sew-In is planned for this Saturday, so I'll be hauling a lot of stuff between now and then.  But I'm kinda excited to teach others to piece quilts.  I know at least 4 people are going to be there -- and none of them has a portable machine!

Other news:  I bought the computerized Statler Stitcher for my Gammill longarm machine.  Had two days of intense instruction on how to use it and haven't had a chance to do anything on it for weeks!  Yesterday I finally got a small quilt loaded and practiced an edge to edge pattern - screwed up the last row, but the important thing is that I know what I did wrong!  It's an amazing machine and I can't wait to spend time working with it.  

I'm looking forward to summer (if winter ever gets over - we had snow the other day!).  I have lots of plans to work in the yard and stain my deck and plant some flowers and try to fit in time in the basement with my sewing/quilting stuff!  Oh yeah -- and take plenty of walks to loose 30 excess pounds!

Until next time, blessings.....

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Drum roll please....

The tiny bath in the basement is finally finished -- today! 
There's a shower to the right of the sink, but don't plan on using it -- kind of a selling point for the next owners -- after I'm gone!  I hung the mirror and tp holder and towel ring myself as soon as the plumber left today!

While the plumber was working, I managed to get this quilt quilted and bound for Steve's best friend's daughter.  She was born a few days after Steve died and I never got around to making her baby quilt. She'll be three in May.  Picture's not the greatest -- I took it with my phone.

Next on the agenda: Nancy at church is bringing me 13 twin size quilts for the homeless to make backings for and quilt. We'd like to deliver them soon, so I hope to get three done a week, if I can. 
Until next time....blessings.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Word is Still Patience

For the most part, the basement is finished - still waiting on the pedestal sink for the bathroom that's been on back-order for weeks.  Just about ready to tell them to buy one off the floor at Home Depot!  This shot is from one end of the basement looking towards the kitchen cabinets.  I did have the antique table at the other end cleaned off, but managed to load more stuff on it today!  The quilt on the longarm was just finished -- our church is making quilts for the homeless and I quilt them, so that's what this one is.
This shot is from the other direction - also a bit messy!
This is the small room between the longarm room and the stairs - it'll be another small office after I bring the computer desk down and set up my old computer,  The door on the right goes to the big room, the one straight ahead goes to a small storage room.
This is same room from other direction.  Opening on left is to the big room; stairs are on the other side of the wall on the right, the door seen to the right goes to the furnace room and a large storage area.  The bathroom, if it ever gets finished is just on the other side of the stairs.  I managed to hang the quilt hangers, just haven't found the quilts I want to hang on them yet.  It's a work in progress!
I sincerely hope the bathroom will be finished soon -- it'll be much nicer not to have to run upstairs all the time!

Until next time....Blessings.

Monday, March 10, 2014


My word for 2014:  Patience!
The plan was that the carpet and vinyl for the bathroom and under the fridge would be installed on Saturday.  The actuality:  The carpet men arrived at 12:30 on Sunday.  The vinyl is in, but nothing else is even tacked down.  And I'm pretty sure they aren't coming back til next Saturday - nobody has called me because I'm pretty sure they know I'm not a happy camper!  The contractor can't finish until they're done with the carpet and the plumber can't finish until the contractor is finished trimming the bathroom.  So, my word for 2014:  Patience!

Until next time....blessings!