Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Summer Update

It's been a busy time since it stopped snowing and started heating up!
Today, Stephanie did the first coat on the rest of the basement wall.  I started the painting in May, then she had knee replacement surgery and I quit painting - actually leaving half of it undone, which normally would have driven me nuts, but so much else was going on that I didn't have time! 
We discovered the walls had never been painted, so needed two coats - I'll finish the second coat on Thursday and that project will be finally finished (except for putting everything away and cleaning out!).
It's actually a light blue color.  Don't know if I mentioned it, but had an electrician in this past winter/spring and replaced all the halogen can lights for led lights.  So much brighter and better to work with.
I've spent the past month or so working in the yard.  Had "landscapers" remove the overgrown ugly shrubs from around the house.  They were supposed to ready the beds for planting, but apparently they don't understand "get the rocks out of the beds that were used as mulch" because as I'm planting things, the rocks were still there -- so much so it was difficult not to pull a shovel full of rocks out of the ground.  They also decided that dark brown mulch means natural.  They spread a thin layer of "natural" mulch and I have worked every morning to cover it all with dark brown mulch. This is the new flower bed next to the drive:
And the bed in front of the house (still need to paint the garden bench):
The bed along the back of the house:
And, I had a couple of trees taken out and planted these 3 flowering crabs.  Just finished with the mulch yesterday.
I still need to cut an edge around most of the beds and still have plenty of work to do outside, but happy to have the things planted - it's a start.  And hopefully it will be cooler here on out -- since last week was in the 90's with 80% + humidity!  I only work outside for an hour in the morning!
I also have a couple of plants on the deck that are doing fabulously! 
Yes, the deck needs replacing -- maybe next year!
So, that's what's been happening here for the past two months!
Until next time.....blessings.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

And yet another change of plans

All my plans for cleaning the sewing room have changed.  I had planned on cleaning the sewing room and organizing scraps and fabric.  And then when my daughter is done teaching pre-school and before her kids are out of school, she was going to paint my basement.  (She loves to paint - I hate to paint!).
But now, she's having a total knee replacement on June 5 and will be out of commission for 6-8 weeks.
So, this is what one part of the basement looks like:
So, now my tentative plans (and definitely not writing them in stone!) is to do a little bit of painting and put everything back together in that section and move to another wall!  In between, I'm having another big tree taken down and having 3 flowering crab trees planted in that area, and my mowing people are going to rip out the shrubs around the house and rebuild the areas for planting flowers and new shrubs - which probably would have been done by now but we've had such a cold, wet (including snow) spring that nothing is happening.  I also have two wooden outside rockers that need sanded down and painted and a garden bench that also needs painting.  If I can get the rockers sanded, I can enlist my youngest grandson (9) to paint them - apparently he's like his mother and loves to paint!
Oh, and in between, I have homeless quilts to quilt, 4 applique quilts to quilt, and two club projects to make and quilt.
Until the next change in plans....blessings!

Monday, May 06, 2019

Getting something accomplished

I spent the afternoon in the sewing room.  I managed to quilt one baby quilt and load another to quilt tomorrow.  Then I started working on those lavender shoo fly blocks.  I put them together, even got borders on and a binding made:

 I used up the shoo fly blocks, used up the dark purple fabric and most of the bubble fabric.  Sewing room is still a disaster area, but I'm feeling good about using up orphan blocks and fabrics!  That is the goal this year!
Until next time....blessings.

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Sewing Room

Well, today was the day I started the major cleanup of the sewing room! Actually, just a few hours this afternoon, since I went to Mikey's soccer game (he scored the first goal!) and then they took me to lunch!

This is what my big table looked like before I started cleaning.  
This is what the goal is!  The big bin on the right holds orphan blocks and I have added to it today and also have made some decisions on emptying it.  Thankfully, we make quilts for the homeless -- 60"x80" quilts, so the goal is to use up the orphans and the scraps and make quilts. I had bins of scraps on the table and now I will be cleaning out those bins.  I did empty one small bin today.
This is my cutting table and this is not acceptable!  I have to clean this table off so I have a place to cut all the scraps.  I was pressing scraps and started sorting them, but didn't come close to finishing that!
This is the pool table and it is also not acceptable!  I need to do some major sorting.
The printers tray on the corner held a lot of applique thread and one day about a month ago it fell off the wall!  I found it on the floor with thread everywhere.  It will go back up on the wall after the wall is painted and it will be screwed in more securely for sure!
A couple of months ago I picked up a free pkg at the quilt shop - it had the fabric and some triangle paper in it, so I made up the half square triangles and 3 of the shoo fly blocks and the rest sat there til today.  Today I finished making the rest of the blocks for a total of 10 shoo fly blocks.  There, of course is no extra fabric and since I'm working hard to use up stuff, I designed a quick kids quilt with some print fabric squares alternating with these.  Problem is, I need at least 2 more shoo fly blocks, so I'll use some different fabric and put them in the center, just like it was planned!  haha
Anyway, I also put the borders on a quilt on my design wall, and I have a few quilts now to quilt, so the rest of the work will be done while I quilt homeless quilts.  Ultimate goal this year will be to use up all the scraps I have laying around and then to start using donated fabric and a lot of my own stash -- it has aged long enough!
Until next time.....blessings.


Thursday, May 02, 2019

Making Plans

Thomas Rhett has a line in a song that goes something like, "You can hear God laughing while you're making plans".  So true!
 I think the plan is to never have a true spring or summer -- just an extension of winter all year!  Weather has been so weird all over the country.  And it affected my plans.  
I never did finish decluttering the storage area.  I've cleaned the sewing room a couple of times, but it's a total disaster right now!
This is what has been accomplished:
This playset was here attached to the deck, when I moved in.  Since my grandsons are older now, Mikey is 8, almost 9, and they don't come over here that often, it was a waste of wood and space.
So, Steph put an ad in her neighborhood paper and a guy and his 10 yr old, with the help of my son-in-law, took it apart and hauled it away.  The guy and his kid are going to make a tree house with it!
 And now I have an empty corner of my deck.  The whole deck needs to be replaced, but not any time soon.  I did spend a day shoveling sand: from the deck to in front of the shed.
My sil, Aaron will come by some weekend and get rid of the three sheets of plywood that the whole sandbox was on.  And I spent another day outside burning sticks:
I get a lot of brush and sticks that fall all around the back yard.  I don't use the fire pit for bonfires anyway -- might as well put it to good use.
So, that is what I was doing the two really nice days we had -- apparently that was spring, because then we had snow, twice! And this week it has done nothing but rain.
All my big plans to get the basement cleaned and decluttered have fallen by the wayside, but I have to find the energy to finish the job -- first because I can't even sew until I clean up the mess I have down there! And second, because I want to paint the rooms down there!
Until next time.....blessings.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Done with Winter

I am so done with winter!  So, today I took all the snowmen and other wintry quilts down and put up spring quilts!
Tulips to brighten the wall in the living room -- previously was a Christmasy snowman.
New throws for the chairs in the living room -- that white outside is snow -- so sick of it!
Tulip Farm hanging on the wall - all hand appliqued by me back in 2007, I believe.  Replaces Merry, Merry Snowmen.  The quilt on the couch is just a double four-patch with an appliqued flower border.  Brightens everything up!
Spring Planting -- a Country Threads pattern, hand appliqued by me from many years ago!
It's hanging in the dining area of the kitchen, replacing a snowman wallhanging.

I do have a few irons in the fire.  Finished quilting an homeless quilt yesterday that I made from pinwheel blocks and two rows of orphan blocks.  I also cut out the latest Skill Builders quilt to piece today and quilt with e2e alternating and fill -- should be fun.  Love the Skill Builders Club from Joan Knight and Joyce Lundrigan - so helpful to learn things on the Statler that I rarely use, but might now that I know how to use them!  The Statler has so many things to learn!

Until next time...Blessings.


Thursday, January 31, 2019

Last Day of the Month

Seriously happy that it's the last day of January!  Now if those sub-zero temps and wind chills would just go away!

Goals reached in January:
I've set a goal to knit a hat a month for the hat and mitten tree at church in December.  January's hat is done:

This one was done on straight needles and I had to sew up the ends.  I'm not very good at that and I don't like doing it!  I've already started the second hat, and it is done on circular needles, so there will be no sewing up!  And, I'm loving the pattern of the second hat, so will be finishing it by the end of February and probably do the same pattern for the next one.  

Second goal for each month:  piece a homeless quilt.  Not sure if I can do this every month, once the group starts giving me their tops to quilt, but I did manage to piece one for January, and even quilted it yesterday.
Simple tops work the best for these homeless quilts, and I used up quite a few 2-1/2" squares - although the pile hasn't gone down much!  I have started another one, using pinwheel blocks.

Goal Number 3 was purging (actually this is goal #1!)  I have managed to take two carloads of stuff to the thrift shop and have another trunk full to take sometime next week, hopefully.  I also tossed a lot of stuff into the garbage!  I can definitely see a difference in the storage area, which encourages me to finish that job.  I have emptied 6 Rubbermaid bins too - which I will keep until I'm sure I don't need them anymore.  But, I am trying not to save things I don't need or want anymore, so I really don't want to refill the bins!

Goal #4 was establish an exercise routine again.  I have failed miserably at that, but there's still hope for February!  I did get new lights installed in the exercise room, and I have spent a couple of days cleaning up that room and my quilting room after the lights were installed.  I'm waiting today for the electricians to come back and remove the longarm from a circuit and give it its own circuit since I tripped a breaker running it yesterday. 

All in all, I think I'm doing pretty well on my goals for 2019.
Until next time.....blessings.