Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday's adventures

I spent most of the day cleaning and organizing the master bathroom.  I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but the painted walls match the blue/green of the sink ---- which in no way matches the green tub!  Hopefully, next year I will have the tub and ceramic tile taken out and replaced with a one piece tub/shower and change out the sink to white!  Eventually I will replace the flooring, but not high on the list right now.
And this is the master bedroom.  The bath runs right into this room, but this room is painted blue, not green!  I have not vacuumed yet -- I had the wrong bags for my vacuum and had to order them and they came today, so maybe Friday I'll vacuum!  I had 3 boxes in the bath to unpack and one in the bedroom.  I also put up a curtain rod in this bedroom.  I ordered curtains that will be here this week sometime -- but they will in no way match the paint job!  I like them and will repaint the room next summer (well, mostly Stephanie will repaint the room!)
Also got a call from the appliance company and they have ordered a new oven for me -- not cheap -- but I won't have to worry about burning the house down!  I have no idea how long it will take to get it.
Trying to get someone to call me back about plowing snow for the winter.  Called two places so far.
And, yesterday I got my hair cut - short!  And less than half the price of the hairdresser I've been going to for more than 20 years.  And, I like the cut -- which I hadn't liked the cut for a long time in Rockford.
And, last but not least, last night was Will's fifth grade band Christmas program.  They played two songs at the beginning and two hours later, they
 played in the finale!  Grandma and Briana did not stay for the whole thing -- only for Will's part -- he plays the clarinet and was on the end seat towards the audience so it was great.
Tomorrow I take my car in for winterizing - to Marden's in Rockford -- I trust them and don't know about any here in Burlington.  Meeting Lori and Nancy for lunch afterwards - looking forward to it - I think I need another break!
Until next time....Blessings.

Monday, December 11, 2017


This is the master bathroom.  It had a lousy bamboo roman shade that actually broke at the window and it did not entice me to use the bathroom at all.  Plus, its filthy.  But, this afternoon I did this:
Blinds!  I not only bought the right size, but I managed to install them myself.  Pretty proud of myself!
 'Course, this is what the rest of the bathroom looks like right now:
I did manage to clean out the shelves and drawers and install nice shelf paper, that is much easier to clean than the wood.  As Scarlet would say, "Tomorrow is another day."
I did clean the main bath today.
I also contacted an appliance company - the owner is a woman and she and her sidekick came out to take measurements of the oven and area around it.  I am not taking any chances with the oven, so just having it replaced.  
Also called a snow plow company, but they haven't called me back yet.
Also made an appointment to take my car into my car guy in Rockford on Thursday at 10.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to find a hair stylist -- got a couple different ones to call in Burlington. My hair is driving me stark raving mad - I know, that's only a short walk!
And Steph is coming over one afternoon this week - either Wed. or Friday and helping me move a few pieces around.  When I was out today, I moved some empty boxes and brought a couple of Christmas boxes inside (they should all have been brought to the basement by the movers!).  Also found a wardrobe box in the garage, clearly marked Clothing, Basement!  Thanks for leaving that in the garage too you morons.  
When they moved me from Byron to Rockford, they were great -- this time not so much.  I would not recommend them to anyone.
Well, getting time to heat up leftover chili for supper!
Until next time....Blessings.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


I finally opened the last box (I hope) of the kitchen stuff.  
I felt so good about it, I started making chili:
Took a different tack at it today.  I cleaned out the hall linen closet and put shelf paper in it.  Every time I went to the basement I took something that belongs down there, and whenever I came back up I brought up towels and such from the box marked Linen Closet that the movers were so clever and put in the basement - NOT!  So I have emptied that box and while putting things in the linen closet, I also set aside towels and things for Briana - she and her friend have found themselves an apartment together - they have nothing except what the other girl's mother has bought and what we've all given them.  So now she'll have some towels and a couple of nice pans that I put in there.
I also started a box for the church - so far there are sweaters, sweatshirts, purses, and there will be other clothes added as I unpack.  I have throw- away and giveaway boxes, besides the church box.  I should have done this years ago, but I didn't, so now I have an abundance that I paid good money to move once again!  So this time it is going to be a ruthless purge!  It started with the computer desk and it's going to go on for a long time!  No one person should have all this stuff!
Until next time...Blessings to you and yours!

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Missed a Day!

But, I have been busy.  My dear son-in-law, Aaron came over early this morning (I heard someone shoveling and couldn't figure out where it was coming from!) So, Aaron shoveled the inch of snow we had.  Then he hooked up my washer and dryer.  And fixed a few other things.  Then we went down and set up the longarm.
I still need to hook up all the cables and wires, but after Aaron left, I ate a quick lunch and then remembered I needed to send a couple of forms to my insurance company.  Every year they send me a statement of premiums for next year in September.  I know I have to save it and I kept putting it where I would find it easily.  Then in November, my husband's company sends me a letter stating what they are going to pay towards the premium (mind you what they pay stays the same for the past 7 years at least, and the premiums for the insurance steadily rises!)  Anyway, I kept the company letter out during the whole packing/moving because I knew I had to send it and the form back to the insurance company.  Do you think I could find the premium form?  NO!  So, tore the office apart and opened all but one box in there to get them out of my way, and to check thru every piece of paper in every box!  One box was labeled office desk and it contained candles and such from the dry sink which is not a desk!
Anyway - finally found the paper and then had to open another box to find a stamp!  And now the office looks like an explosion happened in there.
                            The desk area!
 And the inside of the closet with all those nice shelves! There's also a computer desk that I did not want in the office and the movers couldn't care less where I wanted things.  (The box marked linen closet is in the basement!)  
So, this will be an ongoing purge.  I still have all the paperwork and extra thank you cards, etc. from the funerals of both my mom and dad and Bill!  Seriously- why?  So, as things go along, I'll be looking to get rid of the computer desk if anyone is interested.  I also have a flat screen monitor and I'll be donating the computer to the recycle place!  I think it has Windows Vista on it - but I need to wipe the drive or kill it!
Anyway- that's my day in a nutshell!  Now I'm going to put my feet up and relax!
Until next time.....Blessings.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Day 4

And I still haven't gotten close to finishing the kitchen.  The kids are coming over Saturday.  Aaron is going to do a few chores and hopefully start putting the longarm together.  Steph's gonna help me get the kitchen and maybe a couple of linen closets done.
So, here's the kitchen:  I have no more room to unload boxes until I get all this washed and put away!
And just for fun:  This is this little office.  And I specifically told the movers not to put my desk in there or any other furniture other than the printer.  So, they stuck the other computer desk in here that belongs in the basement, and the printer stand.  I'll probably keep the printer stand for now -- but computer desk is out the door.  I have a nice closet in there with shelves that I have dreams of getting to one of these days!
The computer desk on the left with the boxes is blocking the closet!
I did spend some time in here today changing addresses on health insurance and social security, etc. Oh, and I get a whopping $4 a month increase in SS next year -  I am so happy that I'm paying for all those politicians' retirement funds.

I'm off tomorrow to spend some quality time with my friends - quilting!
 Until next time....Blessings.


Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Doesn't Look Like Progress!

So far today, I have emptied 8 boxes in the kitchen and 1 in the bedroom. I have started filling the pantry, still have boxes of food I'm sure.
This is just one half of the pantry and you wouldn't believe how much food I threw away today because I was never able to see what I had - just one big cabinet drawer with canned goods in it and an upper cabinet with spices and everything else.  Garbage went out tonight, so I'll start refilling the cans again tomorrow!
Making progress on the boxes in the living room, but still have a massive mess to fold and fill another box.

And in the kitchen:
I still have 5 boxes left, but I've found my dishes and have run two loads of the dishwasher and hope to load a third one tonight.  
Between finding my dishes, my toaster oven, and my food and tossing a lot of food, I'm hungry!  I think I'll run to the store in the morning and put Taco Soup in the crockpot!
Oh, and my new microwave arrived, but its so darn heavy I have to wait til my son-in-law can unpack it and put it in its cubby. 
So, rest of the night:  put away another load of dishes, restock the dishwasher, and sit and fold paper!

Until next time....Blessings on you and yours.


Tuesday, December 05, 2017

And God said, "Let there be Light"

I had a good day today -- had lunch with a great friend in Pecatonica, and then a meeting of the minds at the quilt shop!
Then tried to see my other great friend, but of all days, she had to run an errand for the church and it was getting late, so had to stop at the store in Rockford, then to my daughter's to pick up all my freezer and refrigerated food.  Got that all put away in my fridge.  Then sat in the recliner for a bit (so nice to sit in my recliner!).  
Then got up and started unpacking a box. Did the coat closet, then did another one:
You can see one of the lights I found.  I found the other two also, but blogger won't let me upload the picture.  I ended up unpacking 4 boxes in the living room tonight.
So then I sat and folded the paper and stuffed it in one of the boxes.  And now you can at least walk thru the living room!  It'll take months to get all this stuff recycled - they only pick up recyclables every other week here.  It's a big bin, but everything has to be in the bin - they won't take anything outside the bin.
My goal tomorrow is to tackle the kitchen and I hope to unpack another box in each of the rooms upstairs -- which means I have to clean out and put shelf paper in wherever the stuff in the boxes goes!
So, until next time...Blessings.