Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Unpacking Stuff

Not a lot going on here.  Yesterday we got a nice 7" of snow overnight!  Was raining when I went to bed and next morning there it was.
This is looking out my dining room window at the back yard. 

 So, after I spent an hour cleaning off the drive with the snow blower that I put together and my DSIL laughed at me because he figured it would only work in 3 inches of light fluffy snow -- and he was so wrong and needs to show his DMIL a lot more respect because this was 7" of wet heavy snow and the blower did a great job!
I came in and worked in the office all day.  Opened the box of cd's and have added them to the other shelf in the room:
 And then spent the rest of the day shredding paper and sorting thru some of my dad's stuff from 1978 - I have a ton of stuff to go thru!  I emptied the shredder three times and then had to give it a rest, but I managed to get a large stack of stuff reduced to a small manila envelope of my Mom & Dad's birth, death and marriage certificates and a few other mementos.  It would feel really good if I didn't have a 100x that to go through yet!  Seriously needed to do this many years ago and I've moved this stuff at least 3 times!
Had a doctor's appointment today --new doctor in WI -- to analyze the stabbing pain in my back.  Waiting now for a call to schedule a CT scan for a blood clot or pulmonary embolism -- oh joy.  They also did blood tests and my cholesterol and triglycerides are high -- so no excuses any more -- gotta get back on schedule to exercise and back to the diet.  I was doing really well, then fell off the wagon with the move, so time to get back to it.  And tomorrow we weigh in again -- it's been a month that we started weighing and trying to establish new habits.  Wondering how everyone else is doing?
Until tomorrow ......Blessings.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Quilting Stuff

I've managed to spend a couple days in the quilt studio this weekend.  I've quilted two kids quilts and one homeless quilt so far, and loaded another homeless quilt.  I seamed 8 backings for the homeless quilts and labeled two of them, need to make more labels.  I also spent days doing the 16 blocks for Legendary Loves:

 Those red and cream blocks are a pain to put together.  And there's a lot more red and cream blocks to do on this quilt -- which I may or may not do!
I've been cleaning out stuff when I go to the basement lately.  Threw out some things, set aside some things to give away, etc.  And haven't even started going thru books!  I've gone thru some of my applique projects -- I have one where I have done 6 blocks of a 12 block quilt - and I'm not loving it, so I'll put the 6 together and give it away!  I found an oak leaf applique quilt I started in 2005!  All the fabric is with it, but only 3 blocks are done, so I'll put them together and make a table runner.  I know I'm never going to finish any more than that!  I need to get back in the habit of cutting fabric too.  We're meeting again on Friday to sew homeless quilts and I don't have anything ready for our beginner quilters to work on.
I have to say it felt good working in the basement this weekend.  Hope to find another day or two during the week.
Until next time.....Blessings.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Finally - new oven!

When I first moved here, I opened the oven door and knew I should have paid more attention to the main floor than the basement!  This is what the oven looked like:
Not only was it disgustingly filthy, but in the upper corners it looked like there had been a fire in it.  It is a self-cleaning oven, but there was no way I was going to turn it on and let it heat to 5-600 degrees.  I called the appliance place -- they came out and I told them to just order me a new one -- I was not going to burn the darn house down right after I moved in!
So, today the new oven was installed:
How's that for shiny and new!  I fixed a frozen pizza in it tonight and it was delicious!  I'm a happy camper!
I had to wait til 4 pm before they came to install it, so I baked a loaf of bread in the breadmaker for the first time in probably almost two years.  And I spent the whole day at my kitchen table working on a couple of applique projects.  Hint -- the lighting is not good at the kitchen table!  But, I finished three blocks that I had in queue - one just needed embroidery, one had to finish the applique and the embroidery and the third one I had to take an applique off and put a new one on - I changed the darn onion, Nancy!
And then I started working on another one, but only got a couple of pieces appliqued before they showed up.  I really needed to work in the basement, but that will have to wait til tomorrow.
Until next time.....Blessings!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

More boxes and more stuff

Today I managed to finally file all the papers that clutter my desk because I have a very bad habit of just throwing the mail and everything else on the desk.  I also balanced my checkbook.  Yay me!
Then I decided to tackle one box of cookbooks.  Managed to unpack and put away the ones I for sure am keeping and made a stack of ones I want to look thru, but probably give away.  So, while I was there, (in the coat closet at the front door), I unpacked another box because it said it had my fireplace pots in it.  It also had all the fall decorations I had on the fireplace mantle at the other house.  So, now I have a big mess on my Hoosier cabinet because I unpacked them, but did not put anything away!
And I looked at the other two boxes in the closet and unpacked a bunch of dvd's that are on the office shelves right now, but not straightened up.  Last box has music cd's in it and those will probably go on office shelves also, or maybe in the basement.  Haven't decided yet. But now I have 3 boxes out of the closet.
Didn't make it to the basement today, but all in all, I'm happy getting three boxes unpacked!
Grandson AJ has another basketball game tonight.  Love to watch the kids play.
Until next time....Blessings.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018


I don't even have pictures, but I've been busy.  And today, I finally fired up the Instant Pot and made split pea soup and it was actually delicious!  I have never made split pea soup - my mom used to make it all the time -- but I wasn't about to taste that green stuff! I think I'll be using the Instant Pot a lot more!  And, Thursday, I finally get my new oven installed.
Today I got my hair cut and got the name of a contractor to make some changes in the kitchen (just a sink, faucet and backsplash for the cooktop), and both bathrooms.  If you ever need the name of someone for any type of work -- best source ever is your hairdresser!
I've used the snowblower two days in a row -- works pretty well, but the cord is really annoying!
And, I've been doing some applique (last Friday at Pecatonica), and some piecing (in my still-messy sewing room), and some reading and very little knitting.  Also opened a couple of boxes of books - quilt books and cook books.  Mostly, I've just been doing the same mundane things we all do - clean house, cook when we have to, etc.!
Next time I'll have pictures!
Until then.....Blessings.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Monday's progress

Today, I did laundry, walked down the street to the mailbox, spent an hour breaking down boxes and bagging papers in the garage -- you can actually get in and out of the car now! And, brought 2 card tables and a 4 ft folding table in that shouldn't have been in the garage in the first place -- loved those movers - NOT!  Also found a "wall shelf" that shouldn't have been out there either.  I'd been hunting all over for it.  
Then spent the rest of the day in the basement.  Cleaned out my go-bag and re-filled it with my applique projects -- I think there are four different projects in the bag!  And, cleaned out a couple of drawers and threw away a few more totes and brought one over to the sewing area that is full of fabric.  I probably made a bigger mess than I planned, but at least its my mess!  Also found my other thread, so now need to put up the printer's drawer I was using to put my thread in!
Then, I oiled my sewing machine and put needles in both machines.
And, I finally pieced a block -- I'm way behind on Legendary Love bom, but I have block 2 pieced now!
 And here it is on my design wall!  Block 3 is like 16 blocks -- all the same.  Haven't even started that one and I'll pick up block 4 on Friday!
Didn't do a few things I had planned, but spent the time in the sewing room anyway and it still felt good!
Until next time.....Blessings. 

P.S. - Carolyn, your mail didn't go thru today - so here's what I wrote back:
Oh boy!  I just spent an hour in the attached garage now that it's above freezing out there. First, I need to break down boxes and fill trash bags with paper - the recycling truck only comes once every two weeks and I have it full right after they empty it. Still have the 2 unopened boxes out there that belong in the basement - and they are clearly marked.
But, good for you - it's going to take me a long time - probably more than a year, but it's way past time to get rid of stuff. I remember cleaning out my parent's house - my dad was a packrat. I don't want to leave my daughter with a mess like that.  So, posting on my blog keeps me motivated, if no one else!

Sunday, January 07, 2018

The rest of the pics

So today I actually worked in the basement.  And, I actually quilted a quilt! Yay me!  So this first pic is of the thread holder that Aaron hung up for me yesterday:

 It feels really good to have my thread corralled again.  Problem is, I discovered today that I have no idea where the rest of my thread is -- the stuff I sew with and the stuff I applique with -- it's somewhere around here!
This lovely mess is the overflow of tote bags I have.  After getting the quilt done today, I spent time sorting thru things and vacuuming the basement.  I've already thrown away 6-7 bags and I still have too many.  The ones that are left on the floor there are filled with fabric scraps for whatever reason, so I need to sort all that out too.
This side is a little tidier!  I did manage to clean out one drawer that the movers just threw things into and found my small oiler that I was looking for -- but because they just threw it in the drawer, it leaked all over the other stuff in there.  No real harm done -- just irritating!  Anyway, that was one drawer I managed to get sorted out -- containing parts and things for the longarm, so that was a good thing.  The movers wrapped up things like pens, and small things, so they got unwrapped and thrown into a drawer in the antique table, so there are a lot of drawers I have to clean out and I still have plenty of boxes to unpack yet.
I had a couple more pictures, but blogger won't let me upload them.  So, one was my ruler holder that goes on the wall that Aaron put up for me and the other was what I did to my design wall.  I've been using a photographic stand for my design wall -- with a big piece of batting attached to it.  Well, it was taking up too much space (this basement is not as wide as the last one was), so I just tacked the batting to the wall behind the table. Takes up no space and I won't trip on it every time I try to get to it!
Really felt good to work in the basement again and to quilt a quilt!  I need to piece some backings for homeless quilts now.  I have the tops already here, so need to get busy on the backings.

Until next time.....Blessings.


Saturday, January 06, 2018


My dear son-in-law spent 3 hours here this morning hanging things for me, with the help of my oldest grandson.  So, I now have all the drapes/curtains hung that I have planned for now.  I'm really pleased with them and we also changed the living room around so it is more workable.  He also hung one of my quilt hangers.  So, today I'll show you the stuff he did upstairs.
The redesigned living room with the drapes fixed (I had them up, but couldn't get the old hardware that the former owner put up out of the way, so Aaron got that down and put up the center brace to the curtain rod, so now the drapes hang straight.
And he hung the quilt hanger for me, so I found a quilt to hang there.  The whole wall behind the couch will be done another time -- I have an idea I want to try out -- but not pressing to get that done!
He hung the rod so I could finally hang the valance I bought right after I moved in!
Finally got the butt-ugly drapery rod and so called drapes off the dining room doors.  These drapes match the ones in the living room and the valance in the kitchen.  They are too long, so I need to take them up a couple of inches, but not today!
And the bedroom drapes -- there are two windows here - about 59" wide.  All that was there was two paper shades that were literally falling apart.  The drapes don't match anything yet, but I love having them up there anyway!
I'm sure it was a long day and a lot of work for Aaron, but I can't tell you how pleased I am to have this done.  And, Steph needed some boxes for some projects at the pre-school, so he took a bunch of boxes home with him!  Woo hoo!

I'll show you what he did in the basement tomorrow!  I still have some work to do down there, but I think I might even get a quilt loaded tomorrow!

Until next time....Blessings.


Thursday, January 04, 2018

January 4, 2018

So, yesterday I had planned on cleaning up the office a bit (this will be a long-term job as I intend to shred a lot of paper and organize what is left!).
Then I got the mail and in it was a notice from my drug policy provider that said they had terminated me as of 12/31.  Ok, but I applied for a different policy from same company that was fine for WI instead of IL.  I even double checked with them when I changed it over.  And, they sent me the payment book with the new payment amount on it.  Huh, called them up -- no record of me having the new insurance.  So.... two hours later, all of which was spent on the phone, first with Ins. co. and then with Medicare, and I am now enrolled in the new policy, same company, but coverage won't start til Feb. 1, 2018.  I cannot tell you how helpful
the girl at Medicare was.  I think she said her name was Casey Jones!  She was wonderful.  Even did a comparison of drug prices between Walmart and Walgreens.  I was greatly impressed and thankful!
So, here's a shot of the office that I actually straightened up today.  I have a closet in here that will eventually be cleaned out and I will eventually fill the shelves that were left in here by the previous owner.  But at least I can find the counter top now.

Steph came over this afternoon after work and helped me move the longarm into a better working position and moved a bookcase into the storage area.  The basement is coming along, albeit slowly.  But I hope to at least load a quilt sometime this weekend.  My DSIL will be over on Saturday to take down and hang up things in the basement and main floor.  It is beginning to look like a house now!

Oh, and the treadmill man came to fix the treadmill yesterday, and I wrote a letter to the moving company detailing the mess they left here - having not moved most of the stuff to the basement - instead leaving it in the garage for me to move myself, and sending them the bill for the treadmill repair, since they broke it.  Waiting to hear back from them. 

And here's a surprise to me:  I fixed another stir-fry for lunch for Steph and me today -- and I actually enjoyed fixing it.  I like cooking so much better about noon than anytime after 4 pm!  I have more energy, my mind isn't complete mush yet, and I'm actually liking to cook!  (And I hate to cook! lol) Surprise!

Until next time.....Blessings.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

January 2, 2018

Today was just a normal day!  Cleaned house, cleaned out a couple of drawers in the living room - not a big deal.  Did hang my Cuckoo Clock on the wall after putting the batteries back in it.  However, I set the time, but not correctly (I have to find the directions in all this mess!)  So, now at 3 pm, it cuckoos 6 times!  Gotta find the directions for sure.
I also put all my knitting paraphenalia in one place and found the cowl I was working on during the moving fiasco.  Hope to actually finish it one of these days.  Have a repair to do on one of my little quilts -- a Kim Diehl top with tiny yo-yos on it and one of the yo-yos fell off.  I'll stitch that back on today.
Also tried something new for me -- ate my big meal at lunch.  I fixed a veggie stir-fry with honey teriyaki sauce from Tastefully Simple.  It was delicious and if I get hungry later this evening, I'll fix myself a sandwich.  
I have to go to the store tomorrow, after the man comes to fix my treadmill that the movers broke.  I have a recipe for split pea soup to try in the Instant Pot and really am excited to try it.  I think the Instant Pot will be great to fix my main meal at lunch time -- takes so little time to cook things.  And I certainly have more energy in the morning/early afternoon than I do after 3 pm!
So, now I'm off to stitch that yo-yo on!
Until next time...Blessings.

Monday, January 01, 2018

New Day, New Year

"What is coming is better than what is gone."
                                                      - Arabic Proverb
Saw that this morning on Simple Reminders. Something to think about anyway! 
I spent most of today doing a few things, but relaxing too!  Slept in this morning since I didn't get to bed til 11 last night, because I was catching up on Outlander on a 7 day free trial of Starz!

Besides laundry, this is what I spent some time on today.  This is my fabric cabinet that the movers refused to put in the basement where my quilt studio and fabric are.  So, I have now converted it to my quilt storage cabinet.  I only have a couple of my bins emptied and put in it as of today.  A few more bins to do!

Also been working on my goals for this year.  I want to make these into habits:
Pray more, be more grateful.
Read more, watch tv less, spend less time on FB.
Clean out 1 drawer, shelf, bin, or box, etc. at least 3 times a week. This includes giving away, throwing away, or saving whatever is in the container.  I spent a whole lot of money to move a whole lot of stuff that I don't even want or use.  It's ridiculous!  I still have quite a few boxes to go thru and I also want to clean out drawers and shelves.  So far, I'm not putting stuff away that I don't use or want, and I think it's a good time to do this. But, it will be an ongoing project for probably the entire year.  I've started going thru a few magazines at night.  And, of course, being a quilter I probably have 500 quilting magazines and they just take up space - I rarely go thru them anymore and there's always thousands of patterns available for anything I want to make without even looking at the magazines.  I'm thinking 99% will be recycled -- I'll put them in the bin to hold down the papers!
Last goal for now:  learn to use my Instant Pot and do a lot more healthy cooking.  Hopefully I'll get an oven soon!
 Hope 2018 will be wonderful for all of us.
Until next time....Blessings.