Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Making Lemonade

For some reason which escapes me now, I made two of these tablerunners -- this one and another that had a blue with a little gold in it for the main fabric. It was truly ugly -- well it was pretty fabric, but it didn't belong with these sunflowers. So, it and this one, became ufo's because I didn't like them enough to finish them. Fast forward to this week. I pulled the other tablerunner out and decided to just quilt it and add it to the collection of ugly quilts. While looking for a backing, I found a fabric that was bought more recently (in the last year or so). So, I took the blue one apart, redesigned it, saving only the big sunflowers and just finished sewing the binding down. Here's the lemonade made from a lemon:

And that makes two finished ufo's for the month of May!

I did buy some fabric this month -- mostly backgrounds and a border fabric for the Tulips All Around, but also a couple of other blues that were in the running for borders, but lost out and are now added to stash.

1. Briana slipped on the monkey bars while at her mother's for the weekend, and now has 5 stitches in her chin/lip and two loose teeth. I'm grateful it wasn't any worse and she will get the stitches out on Friday.
2. Also grateful that she cried for her Daddy and he, of course, drove all the way to Milwaukee to be at the hospital with her and brought her home.
3. Managed to get "most" of the weeding done before the heat and humidity sent me inside.
4. Rain. And it cooled off enough that tomorrow I can finish the last flower bed (and start over again).
5. Sunflowers and quilts.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Another UFO bites the dust

I know why I have so many ufo's that are just waiting to be quilted -- they're ugly! This was a test quilt for a pattern I designed. By the time I perfected the pattern and finished about 6 of these, I was sick to death of the pattern! I had the flowered print for years -- I loved it, but didn't have a good fabric that went with any of the colors in the print. I was trying to use up stash, so managed to match the gold to the gold in the print -- but after I got it put together, the gold was just overpowering. That's how it got to the ufo pile -- my story and I'm sticking to it! The choice was either throw the whole thing out or quilt it quick and bind it. I hate throwing out quilts even if they're ugly! LOL Someone will love it, or the dog will!

I have two table runners to quilt and finish, too -- just as ugly, if not more! vbg

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tulips All Around is Finished

Pieced, quilted, bound and washed! I quilted tulips (what else?!) into the blocks and the borders. The two inner borders have little tulips quilted in them and the larger outer border has double feathers quilted in it -- was dying to use the stencil I bought a few months ago. ;-)
I also added the raw edge applique that the pattern called for -- the leaves and the centers of the pieced tulips. I wasn't going to, because I'm not that fond of the raw edge stuff, but the quilt really needed it.
Glad to have it done and have just pin basted an ufo to work on -- need to get at least one ufo done yet this month! It's a small one, so hope to have it finished tomorrow.

1. The rain -- after 5 straight days of weeding I needed a break and the weather cooperated.
2. The hummingbirds at the feeders -- they buzzed me three times while I was planting impatiens for them to enjoy and weeding under the feeder in the front. A little impatient, I think.
3. JR's not fighting me too much when I give him his meds.
4. Lunch date planned with a friend -- gives me something to look forward to this week, and time to plan my week around it!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tulips All Around

The top is done! Not real happy with the lighter green fabric I chose, but not changing it. The top is now sandwiched and even have the anchor stitching done so maybe tomorrow I can start on the freehand stuff. This was an enjoyable afternoon!

1. JR has to take phenobarbital for his seizures, according to the vet on Friday, but so far he's taking them without much fight.
2. Dinner out at a nice restaurant tonight -- the stuffed shrimp were fabulous.
3. Bill used Roundup on the weeds in the lily bed and it has really made a difference.
4. A beautiful spring day today -- even spent some time outside in the flower beds.
5. Another talk with my daughter today.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm Quilting!

I finally sat down and sewed today! I'm doing a Thangles Buck a Block from a lqs and needed to piece the latest one I picked up a week ago. It felt so good, I pieced the quilt together -- well, as far as I could anyway -- still have 3 more months to go on the BOM. I'm doing a Christmas fabric one -- the main print is green holly with berries on a white background. The sashings are green and cornerstones red and the 5" wide border will be a gorgeous red Christmasy paisley. It's only a small quilt though -- about 50 x 60, I think.

It feels good to finally start sewing again! I even cut out a Kansas Troubles pattern called Tulips All Around -- a 40" square quilt I want to use on my kitchen table. Hope to start working on it tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


One more picture of AJ, then I'll try to get back to quilting! This was taken Sunday morning after his bath. We gave him the T-shirt that he's wearing and he loves it because it has cookies and milk on it. But it says, "What Happens At Grandma's, Stays at Grandma's". Yes, he's spoiled rotten, but he such a wonderful child!

Funny story about Saturday night. We came out of the restaurant we took Papa to for his birthday and I was putting him in his carseat (AJ, not Papa!). He passed a little gas twice and said, "'Scuse me, 'Scuse me -- I fart". I totally lost it all the way home. Such a polite child! vbg

Anyway -- on to more quilty things. I didn't actually do anything quilty today, but I did think about it! I was thumbing through magazines and trying to find inspiration, but my mind wandered to Bonnie's Quiltville site and I knew I didn't need any magazines for inspiration -- there's just tons on her site. Plus, Dawn posted a couple of pictures of the quilt she's working on and Lucy and Bonnie's versions the other day. Lots of inspiration and I'm starting to get "itchy" to get back into the sewing room. Won't be long now!


1. Getting my haircut -- it grows so fast that 5 weeks is getting to be too long in between cuts!

2. May weather in the midwest -- rain, sun, rain, sun. Try to get the lawn mowed between rain drops!

3. A drop-in visit from old friends -- great to see them and catch up a little.

4. Getting the itch to stitch again.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day and Beyond

So this is what I was doing all weekend: ;-) This is of course, AJ. He's two, but he lies to everyone that asks and says he's "tree" or "free"! He's a heartbreaker! Especially at 3:30 am when he's calling, "Gwama, gwama"!

Bill's Birthday and Mother's Day was a success. Boy, was I exhausted last night! Definitely got my exercise in playing with the boy! Got the cutest handmade picture frame with both Briana and AJ in the picture - real cuties, and a coffee mug with my favorite picture of AJ on it! Great Mother's Day gifts!
We did barbecued chicken on the grill and had broiled asparagus (was going to put them on the grill -- but broiling was faster). They were fabulous. If you like asparagus, drizzle with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and place on a medium hot grill, turning often -- takes anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes -- excellent!
Back to the ole grind today -- even spent a couple of hours vacuuming the ceiling and beams in the kitchen, clutter room and small bath on the main floor. (We live in a log home -- I just need to vacuum occasionally -- never wash and paint walls! vbg)
Still haven't done any quilting -- this is the longest break I've had from it since I started quilting about 15 years ago! But I did buy some fabric last Thursday -- some backgrounds and some dark blues for borders and blocks for a Kansas Troubles quilt pattern I want to make soon -- just a 40" square for the kitchen table. Maybe Thursday or Friday I can start cutting!


1. Having all the kids except for Kim, who spent the day with her mom, out to the house yesterday.
2. The basket of flowers from Steve & Kim: lots of summer annuals. It's too big to hang in the hanger all ready on the porch, so it's sitting on the table on the front porch.
3. Hummingbirds at the feeders in the front and the back.
4. The bluebirds are back.
5. Finishing up the leftovers from yesterday -- easy dinner.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May Showers and Flowers

This was the hand appliqued/hand quilted wedding quilt I made my daughter and son-in-law for their wedding July 2003. I even finished it in time for the wedding! The pattern was a book by Kathy Delaney. I put their wedding invitation on the back -- but can't find that picture right now!

To everyone that sent hugs and prayers on my blue funk -- thanks, I needed that! I'm over it now -- don't have time for such nonsense! vbg

We just got back from Branson -- had a nice time, saw old friends and a few shows. Spent a lot of time in the car. Did manage to visit Quilts & Quilts Country Store and bought 3 books -- like I really needed them or something. Don't remember the exact titles right now, but one was on Longarm Quilting by Linda V. Taylor -- it is excellent. I am absorbing every word of knowledge and by the time (a few years yet) I actually buy a longarm, I should be just brilliant! {-)!
The second was the Dutch Treat book -- 196 reverse appliqued 4" blocks -- along with my Baby Jane, this should put me right into the nuthouse. And the third is Gwen Marston's new book (I believe it's her new book) -- and I have to admit that normally I'm not fond enough of her work to buy a book -- there, I've said it! -- but, I'm really impressed with this book -- lots of applique/embroidery type work in it. I will actually use this book.

Observations from vacation:
1. I've been reading a lot about the obesity epidemic in children the past year or so -- I have now seen it for myself. We rode the Branson Belle paddlewheeler for a dinner and show on Saturday night. There was a high school prom onboard and also a couple of groups of teenagers for a school outing. It was absolutely amazing how many overweight teenagers there were. I don't know if the answer is more activity or less fast food and high calorie drinks, or both, but there definitely is an obesity epidemic in our children.
2. We spent 9 hours in the car to drive there, 10 hours in the car to drive back (we dropped a couple at the airport). We spent 3 days there getting minimal exercise and eating out for every meal. It rained one day and was chilly/cloudy one day. I did not sleep well the entire time we were gone and I gained a pound and a half! I proved to myself that I need to walk at least a half an hour a day, and do resistance training 2 or three days a week to lose weight, and maintain any fitness I have managed to gain. And, I sleep a whole lot better at night when I get sufficient exercise during the day. I will no longer fight myself about exercising!

1. Bill will be 80 years old on Saturday.
2. As a special "gift" for "Dad's birthday and Mother's Day", we get AJ from Saturday morning til Sunday afternoon! I still have to get the house cleaned and the food ready for a cookout on Sunday, but that's okay -- we'll be blessed with AJ!
3. Briana has been calling Stephanie (her step-mother), "Mommie"! This child is definitely a blessing!
4. We really had a good time with the Navy group in Branson.
5. JR and Pita -- I missed them both while we were gone and they were very happy to see us when we picked them up!