Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tulips All Around

The top is done! Not real happy with the lighter green fabric I chose, but not changing it. The top is now sandwiched and even have the anchor stitching done so maybe tomorrow I can start on the freehand stuff. This was an enjoyable afternoon!

1. JR has to take phenobarbital for his seizures, according to the vet on Friday, but so far he's taking them without much fight.
2. Dinner out at a nice restaurant tonight -- the stuffed shrimp were fabulous.
3. Bill used Roundup on the weeds in the lily bed and it has really made a difference.
4. A beautiful spring day today -- even spent some time outside in the flower beds.
5. Another talk with my daughter today.


JudyL said...

That's pretty! I think the green adds a lot! It's different enough without being so different as to distract from the overall design!

Judy L.

cher said...

lovely progress on your quilt-even if it did not quite turn out how you wanted it to.

Hanne said...

Lovely tulips :-)

Patti said...

Good progress! I like the fabrics you chose - including the green. It's a nice light touch for accent.

Vicky said...

I think it's perfect just the way it is! Great quilt!

Barbara said...

The quilt looks really nice, colors too!

Laurie said...

The quilt is very pretty! I like it! Have fun quilting it!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I really like the green in the border, but in the center - I think I would color it in darker with a fabric marker to make the star "pop" if it is bugging you. You could even just outline the outside edge (I've done that before!). But, it looks good and is going to make a great table topper - good to see you sewing again.



Dawn said...

It is really pretty! I love it. Do you go to Farm Fest? I'll be coming (again) this summer. Wondering if your going?

Dona said...

Joanne, I like the lite green you chose. It grabs your eye and adds something to the dark fabrics. Had to chuckle at your gratitudes, at first glance thought you were referring to your GS not the pooch till I saw the VET. LOL