Tuesday, May 16, 2006


One more picture of AJ, then I'll try to get back to quilting! This was taken Sunday morning after his bath. We gave him the T-shirt that he's wearing and he loves it because it has cookies and milk on it. But it says, "What Happens At Grandma's, Stays at Grandma's". Yes, he's spoiled rotten, but he such a wonderful child!

Funny story about Saturday night. We came out of the restaurant we took Papa to for his birthday and I was putting him in his carseat (AJ, not Papa!). He passed a little gas twice and said, "'Scuse me, 'Scuse me -- I fart". I totally lost it all the way home. Such a polite child! vbg

Anyway -- on to more quilty things. I didn't actually do anything quilty today, but I did think about it! I was thumbing through magazines and trying to find inspiration, but my mind wandered to Bonnie's Quiltville site and I knew I didn't need any magazines for inspiration -- there's just tons on her site. Plus, Dawn posted a couple of pictures of the quilt she's working on and Lucy and Bonnie's versions the other day. Lots of inspiration and I'm starting to get "itchy" to get back into the sewing room. Won't be long now!


1. Getting my haircut -- it grows so fast that 5 weeks is getting to be too long in between cuts!

2. May weather in the midwest -- rain, sun, rain, sun. Try to get the lawn mowed between rain drops!

3. A drop-in visit from old friends -- great to see them and catch up a little.

4. Getting the itch to stitch again.


ForestJane said...

Oh, what a cutie you have!

You said he likes to say he's 3, how much longer?

Laurie said...

AJ is adorable!!! Love the pics!

Jeanne said...

Love the terrific car slippers!
Jeanne :)

Laurie Ann said...

AJ is so cute, you just post as many pics of him as you want!

Dawn said...

Oh that tshirt AJ has on from you is adorable! What a cute shirt for an adorable boy!