Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Making Lemonade

For some reason which escapes me now, I made two of these tablerunners -- this one and another that had a blue with a little gold in it for the main fabric. It was truly ugly -- well it was pretty fabric, but it didn't belong with these sunflowers. So, it and this one, became ufo's because I didn't like them enough to finish them. Fast forward to this week. I pulled the other tablerunner out and decided to just quilt it and add it to the collection of ugly quilts. While looking for a backing, I found a fabric that was bought more recently (in the last year or so). So, I took the blue one apart, redesigned it, saving only the big sunflowers and just finished sewing the binding down. Here's the lemonade made from a lemon:

And that makes two finished ufo's for the month of May!

I did buy some fabric this month -- mostly backgrounds and a border fabric for the Tulips All Around, but also a couple of other blues that were in the running for borders, but lost out and are now added to stash.

1. Briana slipped on the monkey bars while at her mother's for the weekend, and now has 5 stitches in her chin/lip and two loose teeth. I'm grateful it wasn't any worse and she will get the stitches out on Friday.
2. Also grateful that she cried for her Daddy and he, of course, drove all the way to Milwaukee to be at the hospital with her and brought her home.
3. Managed to get "most" of the weeding done before the heat and humidity sent me inside.
4. Rain. And it cooled off enough that tomorrow I can finish the last flower bed (and start over again).
5. Sunflowers and quilts.


Dona said...

Very Nice JT, I like your brand of lemonade. LOL

Norma said...

I love your lemonade!

tami said...

Very good job. It looks great.

Finn said...

Hi Joanne, good to see you, as always..*VBS* Your sunflowers look soooo much nicer with the fabric change....excellent choice!! And congratulations on UFO finishes!!!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

That new substituted fabric and your blocks look like they were made for each other! The finished project, complete with your wonderful quilting, looks great!

And playground boo-boos - ouch! You hate to see it happen, but I guess it is all part of being a kid. I think it hurts the parents more than the kids sometimes.



Rae said...

Your lemonade is really nice. It looks refreshing. I have to admire anyone who will take the pains to take apart something & remake it. I have been trying to do that with the setting of my Baby Jane. My patience is wearring thin.

Laurie Ann said...

I like them both, but I think I liked the lemon better! Good job getting two things done you've been putting off! That's so hard to do!

Laurie said...

Great tablerunners. Thanks for sharing!

JudyL said...

You did good. Lemonade is always much better than lemons! :)

Judy L.

ForestJane said...

I like the changed version better, it has a bit more contrast in the fabrics.

Nice job!

Dawn said...

I like your ugly sunflower table runner! What a great feeling getting stuff done isn't it!

Hanne said...

Lovely lemonade. I really like your sunflowers.