Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May Showers and Flowers

This was the hand appliqued/hand quilted wedding quilt I made my daughter and son-in-law for their wedding July 2003. I even finished it in time for the wedding! The pattern was a book by Kathy Delaney. I put their wedding invitation on the back -- but can't find that picture right now!

To everyone that sent hugs and prayers on my blue funk -- thanks, I needed that! I'm over it now -- don't have time for such nonsense! vbg

We just got back from Branson -- had a nice time, saw old friends and a few shows. Spent a lot of time in the car. Did manage to visit Quilts & Quilts Country Store and bought 3 books -- like I really needed them or something. Don't remember the exact titles right now, but one was on Longarm Quilting by Linda V. Taylor -- it is excellent. I am absorbing every word of knowledge and by the time (a few years yet) I actually buy a longarm, I should be just brilliant! {-)!
The second was the Dutch Treat book -- 196 reverse appliqued 4" blocks -- along with my Baby Jane, this should put me right into the nuthouse. And the third is Gwen Marston's new book (I believe it's her new book) -- and I have to admit that normally I'm not fond enough of her work to buy a book -- there, I've said it! -- but, I'm really impressed with this book -- lots of applique/embroidery type work in it. I will actually use this book.

Observations from vacation:
1. I've been reading a lot about the obesity epidemic in children the past year or so -- I have now seen it for myself. We rode the Branson Belle paddlewheeler for a dinner and show on Saturday night. There was a high school prom onboard and also a couple of groups of teenagers for a school outing. It was absolutely amazing how many overweight teenagers there were. I don't know if the answer is more activity or less fast food and high calorie drinks, or both, but there definitely is an obesity epidemic in our children.
2. We spent 9 hours in the car to drive there, 10 hours in the car to drive back (we dropped a couple at the airport). We spent 3 days there getting minimal exercise and eating out for every meal. It rained one day and was chilly/cloudy one day. I did not sleep well the entire time we were gone and I gained a pound and a half! I proved to myself that I need to walk at least a half an hour a day, and do resistance training 2 or three days a week to lose weight, and maintain any fitness I have managed to gain. And, I sleep a whole lot better at night when I get sufficient exercise during the day. I will no longer fight myself about exercising!

1. Bill will be 80 years old on Saturday.
2. As a special "gift" for "Dad's birthday and Mother's Day", we get AJ from Saturday morning til Sunday afternoon! I still have to get the house cleaned and the food ready for a cookout on Sunday, but that's okay -- we'll be blessed with AJ!
3. Briana has been calling Stephanie (her step-mother), "Mommie"! This child is definitely a blessing!
4. We really had a good time with the Navy group in Branson.
5. JR and Pita -- I missed them both while we were gone and they were very happy to see us when we picked them up!


Dona said...

Glad you had a fun trip to Branson. Always good to see old friends (no pun intended). 10 hrs in a car is way toooo much. LOL Yes we certainly do have more obese young kids these days and they are showing up with Type II Diabetes. Way too much junk and not enuf exercise. The wedding quilt is lovely and if you don't mind I think I will take a page from your book and put my GS's wedding invitation on the back of theirs.

Mary said...

Beautiful quilt and very appropriate for a wedding gift.

Sharon said...

Beautiful quilt, Joanne! Kathy Delaney lives about 20 minutes away from me, and believeit or not, we were in the same beginning applique class together. LOL! Don't ask me when *I* am going to write a book! Glad your trip was nice, and now you are out of your blue funk!

Finn said...

Glad to hear things are on the upswing..*VBS* Sounds like a very nice time away from home..and now settling into the summer routine, the quilt is a real beauty..*S*

Laura said...

Wow Joanne beautiful quilt and done before the wedding. And you claim you are a Little Behinder, lol. I want Gwen Marston's new book Lively Little Folk Art quilts, is this the one you got?

Laurie said...

WOW...as soon as I clicked on your blog I said, OMG...that' Kathy Delaney's pattern!!! She lives here and is a member of my guild. She is who I learned how to applique from. And we used the first 3 blocks of that book. I need to find those and finish it...it's such a gorgeous pattern! GREAT JOB!

Lucy said...

wow what a beautifull quilt !! I am happy that you feel better :c)

Screen Door said...

I wrote about you and your website today - thought you may like to read it.

Take care -

The Calico Cat said...

Lovely quilt. (I think I have that book - or almost bought it becasue my Baltimore Album kind of has a heart theme to it...) Glad you had a good time in Branson...

Judy said...

I saw the maker of these patterns on Simply Quilts and I have always loved them. They are so delicate and pretty!

I also dream of owning a long arm...one day!

Hanne said...

Good to see you bouncing back ! Lovely quilt :-) I have Dutch Treat book as well and have done 1,5 blocks. I am sure you will enjoy it ! I am constantly applying for more hours in a day - no luck so far ;-)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

That is a WONDERFUL wedding quilt. Perfect!

Welcome back - I am glad you are feeling better. My homepathic doctor told both my DH and myself to walk every day at least 1/2 hour for both mental and physical health. And after being in the house for 3 days due to rain - I am going tomorrow no matter if it is a hurricane out there!

Enjoy that baby g-son of yours.



Pam's Creative Mind said...

The wedding quilt is just beautiful...a treasure for sure

Dawn said...

Oh what a beautiful wedding quilt! It is wonderful! Glad your out of the blue funk!

Ann said...

Beautiful quilt, Joanne. And I bet you drove almost right by my house! (well, the exit that is 8 miles from my house) I live in one of the small towns along I44, east of Springfield, Mo. Definitely know what you mean about being in the car so long. Can't tell you how many times we have driven 16 hours to see my folks! This year, we are going to try to fly!