Thursday, February 09, 2017

Working in Chaos

This is what my sewing room looked like this morning:  I have at least 4 different projects open and spread out on the antique table.
I'm working on two different sewing tables - two projects.
The cutting table is piled high with kids fabrics that need to be cut into usable sizes to run through the Go Big cutter.
And there's a quilt on the longarm that is only half finished, because yesterday I couldn't work anymore in the chaos!  There's also quilts stacked on top of bins that need to be put away.

So, this is what I did all day in the sewing room:  Got the antique table cleaned off.  I also sorted through bags and bins of projects and added to my list of ufo's/projects to finish.  I now have 33 things on the list.  And I know I'm not done!
I decided that the list is overwhelming, so my goal is to finish 2 of the projects this year:  Sweetie Pie, by Lori Holt, which is a Dresden Plate pattern with appliqued fruit in the centers of the plates.  I actually bought the entire fabric kit and have cut most of the fabrics, and started piecing the plates.  I just started this project last week, but I want to work on it til it is finished.  The second project is Primitive Garden by Primitive Gatherings.  I've been working on this quilt, on and off, for years.  I have the quilt center done and only have 4 wide borders to applique and attach, so I want to finish this one this year.  
I also have a few pieced projects I want to do and I found some antique quilt blocks my friend gave me years ago and I'd like to put them together and quilt them too.  I also have a few small tops from Jo's Little Women club and Kim Diehl's little projects club that just need to be quilted and bound, so I hope to actually cross a few things off the list this year.  I know I still have a few things that need to be added to the list yet, too -- I haven't dug everything out yet!
Until next time....blessings.

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