Tuesday, May 03, 2016

May 3

 This pic was taken a couple of weeks ago, when the daffodils were blooming all over themselves.  If our weather would ever be consistent, everything else will be blooming soon.
I'm anxious to see what the peonies look like and all the other flowers that were planted last year.  My landscape people did come out and do a spring cleanup a month ago and added more mulch to all the beds, so all I have to do is weed!  I can live with that!
I managed to get on the treadmill yesterday morning -- and ran errands, so my step count almost made it to 10,000 yesterday:  9877!  Today's will not be that good -- I'm waiting for the people to come and seal my driveway today -- and I have no idea what time they'll be here, so it's just hurry up and wait.  I didn't get to the basement to quilt yesterday either, but did manage to at least do the laundry!
Today will be spent doing some work on the computer and waiting for the driveway people.  I do need to run to the pharmacy and grocery store after they finish and hopefully will be able to do some quilting today too.

Until next time....blessings.

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