Tuesday, May 03, 2016

May 3 Again

Well, surprised myself and managed to get something done.  The driveway guys finally showed up about 1 pm, but it didn't take them long - probably why it only lasts 2 years! So, ran my errands and had lunch, then headed to the basement with the idea that I'd do whatever I felt like once I got there - even if it meant not quilting!  And, this quilt was already loaded, so didn't take long to set it up and start quilting it. And now another one is finished.  And yes, that is Christmas fabric on the back -- it was donated and not too bad to use, so that's what I put on there!

Then I loaded the next one, and it's all basted and ready to quilt ... tomorrow or Thursday!
And, while the top one was quilting (and I chose a pattern that took awhile to finish each pass so I didn't have to keep jumping up and down), I worked on my next ufo project.  This book is from Country Threads and was published in 1996!  I think it was at least 2005 when I started this quilt -- and I don't have much of it done at all.  The instructions call for all the applique blocks to be done before the pieced blocks are finished, so I'm working on the applique.  I've always liked Country Threads applique patterns -- kinda folk art and primitive.  Finished the Soap block today.
The next few blocks are already prepped, so put it away and took out the next ufo project:  Lucy Boston quilt.  I have a few of the blocks prepped, so just started sewing the first one together.  
Didn't get on the treadmill at all, so not many steps to add today... maybe tomorrow.
Until next time....blessings.

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Karen said...

So glad to see you blogging more often! Sounds like you are keeping busy. Look forward to seeing your progress on the Country Threads pattern. It's cute!