Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Tuesday Again!

Another errand day.  Managed to go to Michael's to buy a clock face for one of my crewel-embroidered clocks, went to Sam's - which cost me $200 this time -- I hate going to Sam's - it always costs me lots of money!  Printer ink, paper, toilet paper and coffee -- all expensive stuff!  Then Woodman's -- the grocery store that has everything -- and I swear I have to spend an hour in there just to find the stuff I need.  And I gotta say, this diet is not saving me a bit of money -- I'm spending more now than I ever did - and I'm not buying meat!  Then, come home, eat a quick lunch and head back to the blood bank.  I flunked the test at the blood bank, so couldn't donate today.  My hemoglobin was only 11.7 -- needs to be 12.0 minimum.  Maybe next week.  I'm on their schedule to donate platelets (apheresis) once a month, so they'll be calling me again!

So now its time to do some computer work.  I did get some quilting done yesterday, another homeless quilt done and one loaded on the frame.  And I prepped more circles for my applique project.  I pinned them to the quilt, but haven't started sewing the little ones on.  Although I did get the larger ones sewn on the other day.
I'm back to doing the power point for church on Sunday, so I better get busy with that.

Until next time.....blessings.

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