Saturday, April 02, 2016


Well, here it is Saturday all ready.  I've spent the past few days in the sewing room - quilting a homeless quilt, then loading another for the next day's quilting.  I'm finally making some progress on getting the quilts finished.  I've also spent my time piecing batting (I hate piecing batting - but it does save a lot of money!), and piecing backings for more quilts for the homeless.
And, I try to do something of my own also.  Today I finished block 9 of the Primitive Garden quilt and prepped block 10 of the same quilt.  Then I moved on to this quilt:
It's upside down in this picture -- even though I straightened it in Microsoft Office before I saved it -- what's up with that?
Anyway, this quilt is already quilted and bound.  I love needle-turn applique, but I hate appliqueing circles because mine always have at least one point in them!  So, I finished the quilt and decided to make yo-yo's in place of the circles.  Sewed a few of them on and didn't really like it.  Today I tried sewing buttons on in place of the yo-yo's -- didn't like that either.  So....I'm back to making circles and will applique them on carefully in the borders among the stars and vines.  I prepped 13 of the bigger circles and thought about the 56 small circles they expect you to add to this pattern!  I have a feeling I won't be doing 56, but I will attempt to do as many as I think I'll need.  So this is my next project to finish and I'll be working on this one til it is done and outta here - hopefully before summer when I'll be putting out my Americana quilts!

Until next time....blessings.

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