Tuesday, March 29, 2016


A Typical Tuesday for me.  Errands. Got them out of the way and spent a short time in the sewing room.  Gotta load a quilt and get busy down there tomorrow.  Today I just spent some time organizing my projects.  I brought the latest applique project and the threads and pieces upstairs after I prepped the last leaves for it this afternoon.  I hope to apply those leaves tonight and do all the embroidery too.
I've been working on Primitive Garden from Primitive Gatherings for years now!  It started as a block of the month mailed to me and I managed to get 8 blocks done and most of block 9 before it began languishing in the studio.  There are only 10 blocks, but there are four appliqued borders to do after the blocks are done!  So, hopefully, now that I can applique again, I will be able to finish some of these projects.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I'm walking the Appalachian trail too!  Found the app from http://blog.maryquilts.com/  and decided I needed some encouragement to get my steps in.  I still don't get 10k steps in, but I'm happy with 7500+ five days a week.

It was a beautiful day today -- high 50's, but we're getting ready for rain tomorrow and cooler temps on the weekend.  If spring ever decides to stick around, I hope to do some walking outside in addition to the treadmill.  I did go out and check my spring flowers and I have a daffodil with two blooms open on it.  Been watching the yellow daffodil with buds on it, but they haven't opened yet.

Well, time to hit the recliner and pick up the applique!
Until next time...blessings.

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