Friday, October 23, 2015

It's Back!

It's Back!  It's Back!  My Quilting MoJo is back!

Yes, my hand is still in a cast, and I'm typing this with one hand, but for the first time in years (really), I feel like sewing/quilting.  I feel like I've been going thru the motions for years and as I think back on it, I think the trauma of losing Bill and Steve and then spending 3 years trying to sell the house, buying another, moving and remodeling took away my desire to sew/quilt.  I even bought the Statler for my longarm trying to get back the urge to spend all my waking hours quilting!
With my hand in a cast and unable to do much, I have done a lot of thinking and planning.  The cast comes off Monday along with the stitches being removed.  But for the past few days, I've actually been doing a little sewing.  I've had this pile of 1-1/2" strips piled on the table for at least 2 years.  They were donated by a former shop owner for the homeless quilts.  I made one quilt from the partially finished blocks she gave and this was what was leftover.  I made a bunch more 9-patches and still didn't make a dent.

 So now I'm taking the 9-patches and adding borders to them.  The goal is to use up all the fabric strips and make at least one more quilt for the homeless.
I'm going to clean off the table this year!  

Until next time...blessings.

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Melody said...

Very exciting! I look forward to seeing what you create :)