Monday, September 28, 2015

Gross pictures!

I had to go in this morning to get the splint off and a cast put on.  so, I took some not very good pictures with my phone:
Above is the thumb where they pinned it and are waiting for it to fuse.
 This is the base of the thumb where they removed the arthritic joint and replaced it with tendon.
 The stitches on top and bottom left is where they took the tendon to put into the thumb.  The rest is just one big bruise! They did not remove any of the stitches today, but did cast it:
I go back in 4 weeks for more xrays and to have the cast and stitches removed - and depending on how it's healing, may have another cast or not.  I still have pain, but not taking pain pills.

Until next time.... blessings.

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