Monday, January 05, 2015

5 days and I've already negated one goal!

But, I just couldn't resist: Bunny Hill is offering a bom starting now for 12 months. I love, love, love her designs, and who can resist free? And yes, I may not be able to do these, but maybe I will. I cut out all 24 hearts from one fabric this afternoon and prepped this first block. I said I wasn't going to do any small blocks/quilts this year - ha ha ha!  We'll see.
Anyway, today is just getting back to normal day -- even though I don't work, the holidays is a little down time, a little different daily stuff.  So, started laundry, then went to rinse my coffee cup and the hot water in the kitchen didn't work.  I checked the rest of the house, all the hot water in the bathrooms and in the basement work -- just the kitchen faucet.  It's on the same line as the washer, but I was washing in cold water, so couldn't tell if that hook-up worked or not.  Looked online, found that if there's no hot water in the faucet, it means the faucet needs to be repaired.  So, decided to go buy a new faucet -- this one is old anyway and doesn't have a sprayer, so bought one with a sprayer.  Got home, started calling my plumber, turned the hot water on in the kitchen and it works!  Hung up before the plumber answered!  I suspect the hot water line might have frozen, but in the process of checking in the basement, I left the door to the back storage area open where part of the line goes up to the kitchen and also left the door to the laundry closet open.. either of these might have been the problem, or whatever was clogging the line fixed itself!  Life around here is never dull!  So, now I have a new kitchen faucet and when it is time to replace it, I will be calling the plumber and telling him I already have the new faucet!  And, while we are experiencing below zero wind chills, I will be leaving the doors open to hopefully keep the line from freezing again -- just in case!  FYI:  I hate dealing with stuff like this!  My husband would have taken care of the problem, and I would have loaded another quilt on the longarm today!  Oh well.
Until next time....blessings.

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mary said...

i am sure you already know this, but open the cabinet under the sink. That will help a bit with the temperatures under there. I was walking gloveless this afternoon and my wet palm froze to a metal railing. It is brutal here by Sycamore too....