Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Hot Water

So, plumber came out this morning as I didn't have hot water in the kitchen again. (I did open the cabinet under the sink last night, Mary - didn't help). He had to use my hair dryer to thaw the pipe in the basement, under the ceiling tile. So now I need to keep the ceiling tiles open the rest of the winter! While he was here, I had him install the new faucet I bought yesterday.
This is going to be another long winter!  At least I have a sprayer on the faucet now! LOL
Nothing else has gotten done today.  I have the feeling not much will get done the rest of the day either! 

He did tell me what to do if I ever go on a trip - even in summer:  turn off water to house and open all the faucets in the whole house.  Can turn the knob to "vacation" on the water heater too, if you want to - probably won't make any difference as the water will be turned off anyway!  Good information to know anyway! 
Until next time....blessings.


mary said...

darn, that it didn't work, but that is a spiffy new faucet. My kids live in an 1852 house in PA and their plumber had to rip up the bathroom floor to thaw pipes once. I guess that living with open ceiling tiles will be easier. Glad that you got it fixed.

Kristie said...

You have a beautiful new faucet. I hate the worry of the pipes freezing.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day