Friday, January 02, 2015

2nd Day, 2nd Shelf

Here's the before on the second shelf in the cabinet:

And the after:

I added fabrics to the first shelf and moved some out from behind too. I also pulled a stack of fat quarters from the second and third shelves and stuck them all into a plastic drawer - well, actually two plastic drawers -- apparently I have a few fat quarters that I've never washed and added to the stash!  The rest of my stash gets washed before it goes into the cabinet.

It's called progress!
And this is the finished quilt top of the kit I found from a few years ago.  It'll go on the "to be quilted" stack now!  This wasn't all that hard to put together -- don't know why I put things off except that I probably had plenty of other things going on, or that I was already working on!

Until next time.....blessings.


Karen said...

Love it! Have missed reading your blog! The cabinet is beautiful. I wish I had room for some shelving.

mary said...

I just love that. Somewhere I have one of those kitted. I am inspired to go get it out and sew.