Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The Loopy Ewe has a Camp Loopy every summer.  I always thought it sounded like fun, even though I don't knit (I do crochet, but don't feel like it most times!).  Anyway, they are having another Camp this summer that starts June 1.  So, I bought a skein of fingering yarn, "Lorna's Laces" hand dyed in Denim and it arrived today (really good service from them, btw).  It's not that I don't have a shelf full of yarn already, but you have to buy from them to play, of course.  I do love the yarn.

I'm going to play along, although I doubt I'll enter the contest.  I think that if I knit five rounds most days, I might actually finish a pair of socks by June 30.  That said, I'm not making much progress on the socks I have on the needles!  So, today so far I've knit three rounds and have two to go.  If I can manage to do at least 5 rounds every day, I might have these finished before I start the new pair on June 1!
Nothing happening on the house - could probably have another open house, but I'm afraid the only people that go to open houses just want to see what the inside of my house looks like, or want to get decorating ideas! vbg  So, I'm taking a very large patience pill, and going about my days rather calmly.  I've finally hired someone to mow and weed eat -- he uses his own zero turn mower and his own gas and he's really rather cheap -- which just makes me wonder why it takes me so long to finally check out the prices!  Now I can spend my outside time weeding the flower beds - and I hope to get out there the next four mornings to do that. 
I have done a little quilting -- finished quilt #2 of Jo's Little Women's Club #12. It's called AbbyGayle's Scraps.  I do like this one-already put it on an end table in the living room!
Until next time, blessings.

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