Thursday, May 02, 2013


Fall used to be my favorite season - for the colors and the weather that starts to cool down after a hot summer, but now I think I love spring the best. I love the idea of re-birth, the beautiful flowers that spring up after even the harshest winter. Here's a couple of shots of my daffodils - they spread more and more each year and I love to see the masses of them.

And then my favorite spring flower - for the fragrance alone - the hyacinth. They don't spread like the daffodils and I only have one or two in different areas, except for these pink ones in the front bed.

And these Virginia Bluebells came from the family homestead -- literally -- outside of Polo, IL. My husband's aunt and uncle homesteaded 80 acres there and when we visited his aunt once, when she was in her 90's, she gave me a clump of these bluebells and I planted them and they come up every spring. I have peonies from his mother's house, too. It's like having a treasured heirloom I think.

And finally, my pink tulips that I planted just a couple of years ago. Tulips come back every year, but around here they don't increase, and very often decrease and you need to plant more.

Update on the house sale: We had a good open house a few weeks ago, the biggest one my realtor has had in about 5 years (so the housing market around here is on it's way back). We've had three separate showings and one guy came back a second time, but no offers have been tendered, so I'm getting on with life and not getting my hopes up. I did decide once I have an offer in hand that I would buy another house north of Rockford, where the taxes are less. I won't be buying a condo -- too many rules I don't want people to make for me! A smaller house with a tiny yard will work fine.  It just has to have a finished basement big enough for my longarm and my antique table!

I've been doing some outside work these past few days - burning brush, picking up sticks and mowing.  But today it's a bit chilly and supposed to rain, and I have a cold, so today I'm getting back into the sewing room and work on project two of Jo's Little Women Club #12 - AbbyGayles' Scraps.  Hopefully I'll have some quilt pictures soon!
Until then - have a good one!


McIrish Annie said...

Hope you have an offer soon. Your idea of a smaller house with a little yard and a BIG basement suits me just fine! I am looking for that in the near future. love your spring flowers. hope you are feeling better with that cold. just got over one myself.

Lynn Dykstra said...

My bluebells are from our farm too--transplanted them here about 25 years ago. I love seeing them every spring.