Saturday, April 06, 2013

They're finished!

Maybe next time I can get the stripes to match -- just worried about learning to knit with these!  Couldn't wait to get them done though.  Finished the second one this afternoon, then drove over to Pearl City to see Lynn Hagmeier, of Kansas Troubles Quilters at Yellow Creek Quilt Designs.  She did a book-signing at my favorite quilt store -- and Kansas Troubles fabrics by Moda are my favorite fabrics!

Back to the socks:  I cast on my next pair onto two circular needles!  Now that I have one pair on my feet, so to speak, I'm going to try to learn to do the two at a time way. Probably won't be any quicker, but if I can learn to do it, I'll have two done at once and that's a real bonus!

I'll have more news later this week - been kinda busy around here.


Karen said...

They're beautiful! I'd like to learn to knit them too. Maybe someday. Keep up the good work.

Kathy said...

Very cool!!! I don't knit, so I think they're fabulous!
Congrats on getting them done!