Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pass the Waffles Please

I thought I'd have a picture, but it's raining today, so pictures will be taken on Saturday. Waffles? I'm done waffling and just signed a contract with a couple of realtors to sell the house.  This is my final decision!  I will be moving to the big city of Rockford once my house sells and I will buy a condo -- no more yard work or shoveling for me.  And, hopefully, I'll eventually be able to do some traveling after I get settled.  I signed with the realtor that sold our house in Rockford 19 years ago when we built this house, and she brought another realtor along that works out of their Byron office, so I get two realtors for the price of one -- pretty good deal.  That's my big news of the month!

While I was waiting for them to come out this afternoon, I started my next pair of socks -- this time I'm trying the two at a time on circular needles and managed to get the first row of ribbing done today.  The needles are metal and very slippery so I'm not used to that -- the double pointed ones I used were wood.  I'll continue with these and maybe get used to them, or I'll go buy wooden circulars!  Either way, I'm having fun and looking forward to having a whole pair done at once! And I'm glad I did the double pointed for the first ones, but I think I'm going to like this technique too.


Bren said...

LOTS of condos in my neck of the woods! ;)

Kathy said...

Good luck selling your house.
The circular needles look pretty cool......happy knitting!

Cher said...

lovely to catch up with first pair of socks are still a ufo! but, I have finished many other knitting projects, and know I will get back to those socks in the fall.
happy to see you decided on the realtor and best wishes on a fast sale.

McIrish Annie said...

I got my wood circulars through knit picks. they are soo nice to work with! Hope you have a quick sale. I totally understand the yardwork thing. There are two of us and we are getting to that point too. life is too short for mowing and shoveling@!