Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Top's Done

I put the blocks together and then just slapped on borders. The quilt designed by Monique Dillard in the Quilt It Today magazine used 18 blocks, set on point with red side triangles and a couple of borders -- one of them pieced.  It's really a pretty quilt.  But we didn't exchange enough blocks and I doubt anyone really wanted to make that big of a quilt anyway.  I had just enough of the sashing fabric to do the sashing of the blocks -- would have been nice to have a little more for another border, but that's okay -- using up stash is a good thing!

Don't tell Kris, but it was fun to do and actually got me back to the sewing machine to piece something.  The only quilting I've done for the past few months has been some applique.  And, I'm finding I enjoy applique more than piecing for now -- I think I go in streaks as to what I like to be doing! (If Kris knew I had fun, she'd come up with another challenge project in no time!)

I'm waiting for the guy to come and plow my drive out -- we got somewhere around 5 or 6 inches of snow yesterday and today and it drifted across the drive in a couple areas that are probably a foot deep or more.  I did get the snowblower out to blow a path for JR to get out to the grass (gotta think of these things when the snow is deeper than your dog is tall!

It feels like a good day to make some soup and knit the rest of the day.

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McIrish Annie said...

Nice job on the top! and three posts this week. it's feast or famine with you, huh? LOL. hope your snow melts faster than ours. it's still hanging around