Friday, March 01, 2013

Second sock?

Nope!  First sock redux!  I was about an inch from starting the heel flap last night and discovered I dropped a stitch about 4 rows ago!  So, I said I wasn't going to rip it out again, but I did and I started over and did 3 rows.  Today, I ripped that out and started over and now have about a half inch of ribbing left to do.  It was looking pretty bad and I'm glad I started over.  This time I don't have any gaps from one needle to the next and I haven't added or dropped any stitches.  I discovered:  I can't learn to knit in the evenings in front of the tv -- the dog is up and down from my lap constantly, the phone rings, I lose my concentration and I'm not good enough yet to figure out how I kept increasing or decreasing my stitches. 
I spent most of yesterday on the computer, so today I decided to stay off the computer and actually accomplish something (I did accomplish a few things that needed to be done yesterday, but it still feels like I wasted a whole day.) 
First of March - oh yay -- February is behind us.  I think starting a new month is like starting a new year - another 30/31 days to make or break a habit, a fresh start so to speak.  I cleaned my coffee pot!  I used to clean the coffee pot on the first of every month, but got out of the habit, so starting a new habit there.  This month I'm going to eat out of the freezer -- every time I open it something falls out, so I need to clean it out.  March is a No-Spend month for me -- which mostly just means I plan to pay attention to where my money goes this month.  It's a good time to do this since my Visa credit card was compromised and they're sending me a new one.  It was obvious to the company that I don't usually spend $289.56 on groceries at Target in Palatine, IL!  I have my card, so somehow they got my card number online I suppose.
I don't use my credit cards a lot, so it's fairly easy to see when they've been compromised.
I think staying off the computer til late in the afternoon, early evening is going to work for me -- I enjoyed knitting this afternoon and quilting this morning.


Melody said...

About the credit card: Oh no!! I hope that they fix it up for you very quickly!

Sorry to hear about the redo on the sock. I'm not one to knit or crochet, but my mom was. I don't think I pay enough attention to detail to do a good job at it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mary said...

The less computer vow is one I need to make. My husband is leaving in about 4 hours to go on a mission trip to MS. I have a long list of things I need/want to accomplish without distractions. But, I am my own worst enemy. Glad your credit card got worked out.

McIrish Annie said...

Had the same thing happen with my card this week and the same thing happen with my knitting. Had to rip out a few rows. Unknitting is sooo much harder than unsewing! :)