Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Design Wall and Blocks

Now that I've made up my mind to stay here awhile, I can put my design wall back up -- and leave it up.  I use a photographic stand as my design wall -- I can take it anywhere, but I usually just leave it up in the cutting area of the sewing room.  I just roughly stitched a sleeve in a piece of Warm &  Natural batting and slid it on the crossbar of the stand. 

You'll notice I did square up my quarter square triangles and put the two different blocks of the quilt on the wall.  Maybe next time I'll actually sew them together! 

While I was in the basement sewing room my mail lady came to the door to deliver a box with my new soap molds, so maybe later this week I'll start another batch of soap.  The very wet snow has started and is being blown around by the north wind -- I felt really sorry for the mail lady!

Wow -- two posts in the same day!  Yay me!

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Melody said...

Quilting and soap making. It seems like a wonderful way to spend the remainder of winter! :)