Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Winds

Can you see the flag to the right of the evergreens?  We must have 40 mph winds out here -- I know we're only 90 miles from the Windy City, but this is ridiculous.  And this afternoon we're supposed to get more rain/sleet/snow.  Did I tell you I hate snow and cold and winter in general?  But hopefully, this will be winter's LAST hurrah!  Spring can't be far behind, can it?!

This afternoon I might actually get to the sewing room to square up some quarter square triangle blocks.  My friend Kris always has a challenge or two up her sleeve and the latest came from Quilt It magazine -- a red and white quilt made with quarter square triangles, so 6 of us exchanged some red and white 5" squares and we're all making a variation of the quilt.  So far I have my triangles made, but that's it -- Kris already has 7 blocks made!  Guess I'd better get busy.  Later....

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