Monday, June 13, 2011

A finished Top

I actually finished putting this top together on Saturday -- but either my satellite dish or blogger wasn't playing nice, so here it is today.  It's only 31" square.  It's a Kansas Troubles little quilt from her Summer's End line of fabric and that, coincidentally, is the name of the quilt.  I have the binding pressed and ready to go and even cut a backing for it.  I won't be firing up the longarm for a couple of weeks though.  I really like the quilt and it felt really good getting back to piecing.  Next project to piece will be Bonnie Hunter's last mystery quilt that she posted online -- I can't even remember how long ago, but I know I'm only half done with it, so I'll be pulling it out to finish up in a couple of weeks, too.

I drove Steph to her doctor's office and to physical therapy today -- her knee is coming along nicely and she's walking pretty well on it now -- she just had surgery last Friday!

I spent 3 hours in the yard yesterday afternoon -- I can see my tomatoes again, along with the peppers and beans I planted -- amazing what a little hoeing and weed pulling will do.  Also got part of one daylily bed weeded before my back and my knees gave out.  I hope to get some more done tomorrow.  This is two years worth of weeds I'm getting rid of  -- I sure didn't get anything done last summer.  I feel like I've survived the worst part of losing Bill now (although I know I will miss him for the rest of my life); I feel like I can make decisions for myself now and get some things done that I couldn't handle last year. I have to say I was blessed with a husband that was a great teacher and I actually paid attention even when I didn't think it mattered; so I learned how to do a lot of things even though I never had to do any of them when he was here.

A little advice for all you wives out there:  Pay attention.  Talk about your finances so you know what's what; learn how to mow the yard, even if you don't have to do it; learn where your electrical breaker panel is and how it works; learn how to change the furnace filter; find out where your water shut-off valves are (we have one on every toilet and faucet in the house); do you have a septic system that needs pumping?  Do you have your fireplaces cleaned regularly?  What about maintenance on your car?  Even if you can afford to have someone else do the work -- it still is important for you to know enough to tell them what to do.


McIrish Annie said...

Sounds like you're taking some big steps forward! Good for you!Love your top. Isn't great to get some UFOs done??

Dona said...

Have missed your blog postings. Good to see you blogging again. Great advice.

Shellie said...

I've been a regular lurker and I'm glad you're back to blogging. The little quilt top looks great.

You are so right about paying attention to the necessary tasks that we let our other halves take care of. There are definitely areas that I need to pay more attention to, especially with the car. Thanks for the advice.