Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It's 95° in the shade...

but I had a great day today.  Probably only quilters will understand that statement, given my life lately, but it really was a great day!  I spent hours in my new sewing studio and actually accomplished a few things.  I not only got block 5 of Henrietta Whiskers BOM from Bunny Hill prepped,
 but I got block 6 prepped too!  That means I have a couple of to-go projects ready, or
maybe they'll be done right here at home -- but either way, they are ready for me to work on!

And then,  I pulled out a project that I've had spread out on the top of a Sterilite storage box since I'm not sure when.  I think I started it last fall -- it's been so long since I've done any sewing that I really can't remember.  It was a Kansas Troubles Project using Summer's End Charm Packs and I had pieced one 4-1/2" block and left all the pieces spread out on the box top and moved it around from the 2nd floor to the basement.  Luckily, all the pieces were still together and it didn't take me too long to figure out where I had left off.
So, I made 3 more blocks in a short period of time this afternoon.  There will be 12 more blocks in different colors to make and sashing strips and cornerstones and borders to add to make a little quilt 31" square.  With a little luck, I'll be able to show a finished quilt top before too long.  I really can't tell you how wonderful it felt to play in the studio today....but I know most of you understand!

It's supposed to storm tonight and cool off, so I suppose I'll have to do some outside work then --- unless it rains tomorrow too!

Friday my daughter will be having arthroscopic surgery on her knee -- same knee that was totally reconstructed when she was 17; they can't find the anterior cruciate ligament at all, but they're hoping that if they fix the two side ligaments (can't remember what they are called), and scrape some bone spurs off the knee, that that will tighten it up enough so they won't have to replace the acl at all.  As Gilda would say, "It's always something".  

Until next time, practice Random Acts of Kindness!


LuAnn said...

Hi Joanne I've been blog surfing and came across yours. My sympathy on both the loss of your husband and son. I'm glad you have those grandbabies to visit with and your quilting to help keep you busy. I think our blogs help keep us accountable and working on different projects so it's good you are blogging again, too. Bless you.

Melody said...

Your quilts are so beautiful! I love them! :)