Monday, June 13, 2011

A finished Top

I actually finished putting this top together on Saturday -- but either my satellite dish or blogger wasn't playing nice, so here it is today.  It's only 31" square.  It's a Kansas Troubles little quilt from her Summer's End line of fabric and that, coincidentally, is the name of the quilt.  I have the binding pressed and ready to go and even cut a backing for it.  I won't be firing up the longarm for a couple of weeks though.  I really like the quilt and it felt really good getting back to piecing.  Next project to piece will be Bonnie Hunter's last mystery quilt that she posted online -- I can't even remember how long ago, but I know I'm only half done with it, so I'll be pulling it out to finish up in a couple of weeks, too.

I drove Steph to her doctor's office and to physical therapy today -- her knee is coming along nicely and she's walking pretty well on it now -- she just had surgery last Friday!

I spent 3 hours in the yard yesterday afternoon -- I can see my tomatoes again, along with the peppers and beans I planted -- amazing what a little hoeing and weed pulling will do.  Also got part of one daylily bed weeded before my back and my knees gave out.  I hope to get some more done tomorrow.  This is two years worth of weeds I'm getting rid of  -- I sure didn't get anything done last summer.  I feel like I've survived the worst part of losing Bill now (although I know I will miss him for the rest of my life); I feel like I can make decisions for myself now and get some things done that I couldn't handle last year. I have to say I was blessed with a husband that was a great teacher and I actually paid attention even when I didn't think it mattered; so I learned how to do a lot of things even though I never had to do any of them when he was here.

A little advice for all you wives out there:  Pay attention.  Talk about your finances so you know what's what; learn how to mow the yard, even if you don't have to do it; learn where your electrical breaker panel is and how it works; learn how to change the furnace filter; find out where your water shut-off valves are (we have one on every toilet and faucet in the house); do you have a septic system that needs pumping?  Do you have your fireplaces cleaned regularly?  What about maintenance on your car?  Even if you can afford to have someone else do the work -- it still is important for you to know enough to tell them what to do.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It's 95° in the shade...

but I had a great day today.  Probably only quilters will understand that statement, given my life lately, but it really was a great day!  I spent hours in my new sewing studio and actually accomplished a few things.  I not only got block 5 of Henrietta Whiskers BOM from Bunny Hill prepped,
 but I got block 6 prepped too!  That means I have a couple of to-go projects ready, or
maybe they'll be done right here at home -- but either way, they are ready for me to work on!

And then,  I pulled out a project that I've had spread out on the top of a Sterilite storage box since I'm not sure when.  I think I started it last fall -- it's been so long since I've done any sewing that I really can't remember.  It was a Kansas Troubles Project using Summer's End Charm Packs and I had pieced one 4-1/2" block and left all the pieces spread out on the box top and moved it around from the 2nd floor to the basement.  Luckily, all the pieces were still together and it didn't take me too long to figure out where I had left off.
So, I made 3 more blocks in a short period of time this afternoon.  There will be 12 more blocks in different colors to make and sashing strips and cornerstones and borders to add to make a little quilt 31" square.  With a little luck, I'll be able to show a finished quilt top before too long.  I really can't tell you how wonderful it felt to play in the studio today....but I know most of you understand!

It's supposed to storm tonight and cool off, so I suppose I'll have to do some outside work then --- unless it rains tomorrow too!

Friday my daughter will be having arthroscopic surgery on her knee -- same knee that was totally reconstructed when she was 17; they can't find the anterior cruciate ligament at all, but they're hoping that if they fix the two side ligaments (can't remember what they are called), and scrape some bone spurs off the knee, that that will tighten it up enough so they won't have to replace the acl at all.  As Gilda would say, "It's always something".  

Until next time, practice Random Acts of Kindness!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Mikey's Walking

This was taken at his first birthday party on Sunday, June 5.  Now two days later he's proud to carry a toy and walk down the hall -- boy do they learn fast.  He did have clothes on earlier in the day -- but after he had his chocolate birthday cake he needed a quick bath!

Other news of the day:  my house is officially listed for sale as of last night.  I'm going to hate leaving this place -- my quiet spot in the country with plenty of trees and wildlife; but it is definitely apparent that I can not take care of this place alone -- my flower beds need weeding, the asparagus bed got away from me the first week I think, the grass needs mowing and I broke the riding mower and it's being fixed at the moment, lots of trimming needs to be done and I do have someone to do that for me but it's hotter than blazes this week -- at least til Thursday, so I don't want him working in the heat.  I've spent months getting the house ready for showing -- cleaning out and putting away "stuff".  I think we all probably have too much stuff and I know I do for sure!  I've sold a lot of furniture at auction, but I still have enough to fill a house.  I finally have a sewing room I love here in the basement -- but that's okay because I will definitely buy a house with a basement that's big enough to hold it all!
Speaking of which, my latest purchase was a "find" in my favorite quilt shop:  A primitive table that came from a printing company in the area.  It's huge and it's heavy (it took 4 guys to haul it into the basement).  It sits between my sewing area and the longarm, so I have all the pieces of leftover batting pieces shoved onto the shelf on the longarm side.  On the side near the sewing machines there are two drawers.  I have lots of my newest fat quarters and my baskets of sewing notions along with some extra cutting boards spread out on top.  This is not my cutting table, though -- that is in the area of the basement on the other side of the staircase.

And finally, I think I'll be able to actually do some sewing soon.  I have four of the Bunny Hill Henrietta Whiskers blocks finished, but that still leaves me two behind, so I'm going to try to get both of them prepped today or tomorrow and maybe pull out a long ignored piecing project -- it just feels like I haven't sewn in years and I'm sure it's only been months!

I do love these happy squirrel and bird blocks -- I think this will be a fun quilt when it's finished.

Until next time, remember, Be Kinder Than Necessary!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

June 2011

This will be one last tear filled post and after this I will strive to have lots of positive, joyful and hopefully soon, quilt related posts.

Today is, first of all Michael Paul (Mikey's), first birthday.  I have a couple of pics in my camera upstairs, so will post them in a day or two -- he is after all the really bright spot along with the other 3 grandkids of the whole past year -- and yes, tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of Bill's death.  And on Tuesday, it would have been Steve and Kim's 14th anniversary.  Which brings me to the reason for this post.  Today I had to do one of the hardest things I've ever done. 
Two days before Steve died, he asked me to buy chocolates for Kim for their anniversary.  At the time I was thinking I would buy them and bring them to him to give to her.  I suspect he knew he wouldn't be here for the actual day.  So, today I brought her the gift of Godiva chocolates Steve wanted her to have on their anniversary.  She was working in the yard when I stopped by -- doing what I do -- trying to keep busy.  We both cried and I cried all the way home.  And I remembered that Steve was taught by the master -- his father -- in how to treat his wife.  Wow, do I miss both of them.