Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This and That

Not much to report on lately -- just been plugging along at this and that. Today I tackled the guest room closets again. I pulled everything out that was on the floor (I've already done the top shelves). I vacuumed and shampooed the carpet in the closet and did the woodwork. I'll give the floor plenty of time to dry and probably put everything back on Friday.

It's totally amazing how much "stuff" I can put in those closets!
I did go through the bins and boxes and threw out a few things and put the Christmas stuff with the other winter/Christmas stuff, etc. I've been putting off finishing this closet just because I was not looking forward to going through all those bins. I told myself I just needed to pull everything out and I didn't have to do the bins today if I didn't feel like it! After I got everything out, it really wasn't too much of a hassle to organize the bins after all.

There's a pile of quilts that I had stacked on top of the bins -- they'll probably go right back on top -- I don't have room anywhere else for them. There's a pile of jackets and robes -- at least one is one of Steve's high school letter jackets -- guess I can get ride of some of that stuff -- and pass it on to the rightful owner!

Anyway -- a finished job that I procrastinated on far too long. Now maybe I can get back to deep cleaning the rest of the room.
I have been doing some cutting of strips and organizing my strip drawers in the sewing room -- still have a lot to do with the scraps, but that's one of those ongoing projects. I've been doing a little applique here and there, too -- just no finished blocks.
Our AJ turned five last week -- time sure has a way of speeding up. Will got his first haircut (yeah, it was overdue -- but he looked so cute with his blond curls). Now it'll probably turn brown, darn it.