Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

These are my Valentines from AJ and Briana. I could hardly get in the door yesterday because AJ was so excited to give them to me! I went up there yesterday so Steph could do her room mothering duties for Briana's class and I got one on one time with the grandsons. I did send them cards for Valentines day, but they didn't arrive yesterday -- I hope they did today. I never did get around to making any postcards though. Everything's been kinda crazy around here for the past week or so -- I'm looking forward to some down time -- starting today.

I've been diagnosed with Prediabetes (used to be known as borderline diabetic). I have 6 months to lose weight and eat right to bring my blood sugar back to normal or I'll have to be put on meds. I've had my first meeting with the Diabetes Educator at the hospital, and also with a nutritionist. I actually cook heart-healthy meals and have for 22 years, but it's my portion control and snacking that is out of whack. Consequently, I have a new toy -- a glucose monitor. Not so much fun paying attention to time (2 hours after my biggest meal I have to check my blood sugar), and for someone that can eat a dozen Valentine cookies in one sitting, not so much fun cutting back on the junk so I can lose the weight. I did finally get back on the treadmill today, which felt good -- I haven't exercised in over a week. I've also been told to eat a snack at 8 pm -- which for me is not easy when I'm actually trying to lose weight. But it supposedly can make a difference when I do my fasting glucose check first thing in the morning (and that's the one that is out of whack). I don't want diabetes -- so I'll do whatever it takes. And both my kids are now aware of the problem, so they can start earlier than me on cutting the junk and eating healthy and exercising -- in fact, Steve and I have a weight loss challenge going. And Steph is going to challenge a friend of hers to drop one unhealthy habit each. It's a start!

After a couple of hours of paperwork and reading all the info I've collected this week on diabetes, I did actually do some quilty things. Well, not exactly quilting, but I cut tons of strips today to feed my scrap bins and cut some extra to trade with Kris. I made one block to see how I'd like it -- a fussy cut dog print surrounded by bright sashing fabrics. I have a stack of different dog prints that I think will end up being two or more quilts that I'll probably donate. I have 4 different sashing fabrics -- primary colors -- and I think these will make great kid quilts.

I have 6 months to whip myself into shape. This was a wake-up call and it actually forces me to lose the weight instead of constantly talking about it and losing nothing. It also forces me to exercise, and I do feel better when I do, so that's a good thing.


Lynn E said...

I am diabetic and have been in denial for a while. While I have monitored my food. I hate sticking my finger. I am not insulin dependant and I hope to stay that way. I have started riding a stationary bike and that helps that I have a heart rate and a calorie counter on the bike. Stick to your diet and get exercise that is the only way. Best of luck to you and your new goals

Carol said...

Wishing you tons of luck in reaching your goal...I know you can do it! Hear me cheering you on!

Screen Door said...

Happy Valentine's day!!!! As silly as it sounds...."It could be worse." The is a battle that I think you can win. Set yourself a plan. I'm a snacker just like you. Before you hit the sweets promise yourself to make a quilt block. 1 block. It's sounds kind of cold have WAYYYYY tooo many people counting on you. (Present typist included!!!) Snitching is not an option. I can't wait to here your victory notes. Because I know you are going to win.....

McIrish Annie said...

I know you can do it!

Cher said...

I am cheering you on! I know you can do it

Anonymous said...

You can do it! My husband had the same one year ago and we cleaned out the house of all the goodies and no-no foods. He was a snacker guy but was good at exercise....and we did go for 12 hours of education at the diabetis center and that really helped.

The secret is to count the carbs and have those little protein snacks. He lost lots of weight and is doing so well.

He does miss his snickers candy bars terribly. Fruit and veggies are wonderful things.

Good Luck!