Monday, January 12, 2009


Last Thursday I finished shampooing the carpet in my new sewing/craft room. I was planning on moving everything back in on Friday, but I was unable to move myself from the bathroom for very long on that day, so I moved some of the stuff on Saturday and the rest on Sunday. This room is now the cleanest room in the house! vbg The dresser between the windows is full of quilts -- I sorted them today so only small table covers/runners and wall hangings are in the drawers -- the bigger quilts are in another room.

I set my second machine up in here before Christmas and was working on a Bonnie Hunter designed scrap quilt a couple of months ago -- well, I started it and then got side tracked making Christmas gifts. I figured out where I left off and actually got some sewing time in yesterday afternoon -- it was quite enjoyable. (JR thinks he's getting away with something because he's upstairs in this room -- I guess he thinks he's not supposed to be because he keeps running out of the room when I look at him!)

I set my antique ironing board up in here for convenience, but I can't iron too much at a time at it because it's too short! I'm only 5'6", but it hurts my back, so definitely built for short people!

Anyway -- the only thing I have left to do in this room is finish organizing the quilt patterns from magazines and that's well on its way (after I found more patterns and magazines downstairs!).
After I finished the Valentine wall hanging, I was searching for something in my other sewing room (!), and found this old applique project. I hadn't prepped Block 8 of the Primitive Garden quilt yet (which I finally did today), so I pulled this project out and worked on it a bit at a time at night and finally finished the top. This kit was bought at the first Chicago International Quilt Festival -- something like four or five years ago now. It was a kit sold at Caryl Bryer Fallert's booth and it's reverse applique. I, however, reversed the tree because I forget that most patterns expect you to trace the pattern on the reverse side of the fabric and I mark the front of my fabric for appliqueing. I pulled some black fabric and added the border and will do some minimal quilting and call it finished. I loved the pattern when I first saw it and still love it now that I finally finished it!

Having one room done and having most of the organization that I planned done in there too -- good feeling. I'll finish it completely before I moved to the next area.
My daughter turned 33 on Saturday -- she's become quite a remarkable woman, daughter, wife and mother.


Vicki W said...

What a lovely work space!

Anonymous said...

Your room looks wonderful. I have been watching in the antique shops for a small wooden vintage ironing board for my sewing room. My friend has one and it's so cute and petite and takes up less room than my big one. Enjoy your sewing.

McIrish Annie said...

Your space looks great! I will be "moving" my stuff to another room in the house this weekend hopefully! the stash closet will take another weekend. Hope it works out as nicely as yours did!

Sweet P said...

You have a wonderful sewing space! Keep enjoying it.