Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Hasn't this summer just flown by? I know summer isn't officially over yet, but yesterday we had 93 degree temps and today it's a struggle to get out of the 60 degree temps! I don't want to rush summer's demise, and certainly not fall's because I really don't like winter. I do love fall though. The cooler temps, the color changes, the feeling of nesting again -- looking forward to doing some fall decorating and some serious quilt making, getting back into a routine -- more so when I still had kids at home and in school, but still a different routine for the two of us.

Bill cleaned out the fireplace in the kitchen today (amazing that he did it before I cleaned house and vacuumed today) and I made an appointment for the chimney sweep to come do his job. We get the chimney cleaned out every year, but this year we have plans on using the one in the living room everyday as well as the one in the kitchen. The price of propane gas went up $.55 a gallon, so you can bet we will be conserving heat and using the fireplaces more!

I spent Labor Day weekend working on my guild's newsletter. It is finished and sent on its way. I also was in some discussion with a couple of members about the lack of participation of a great majority of the membership in the various activities of the guild. We have a quilt show every three years to supplement the income of the guild and next year is the year, but we are having a hard time finding someone to take charge. I sent out a little extra plea for people to get involved, but then I've been thinking about that today and really, I'm just like everyone else I think. I do the newsletter, but I have not volunteered to take over the quilt show leadership, or to take any other office in the guild. Like most everyone, I'm willing to help out and work at whatever needs to be done, but I just don't want to be in charge! And I'm sure everyone has excuses that are just as valid, or maybe even more so than mine. My big one at this time is of course I need more family time. We don't see our kids as often as we'd like and haven't seen the grand kids in a couple of weeks either. Time has a way of getting away from us and I have to make a conscious effort to spend more time with our family. I'm starting to do more quilting for other people (not on a large scale, by any means), but that takes time away also. I love doing it, so I need to rearrange priorities and doing guild work isn't quite as high on the list. I need my quilting time at home alone also, plus I've been trying to get together with a friend every other week or so to quilt -- she has such great ideas and we get inspired by each other's work. I don't know what the answer to all this is, but I'm at least beginning to understand the fact that our lives are getting busier and busier and we just can't do everything we'd like. Simplify, simplify.....but there's still all those other chores that need to be finished and not enough time in the day.

We did meet Steve & Kim for breakfast on Labor Day at the premier Swedish pancake place in Rockford, of course! It was great seeing them, plus they gave us a few tomatoes from their garden and they were fabulous. Our tomatoes this year were not great and they are already finished producing, so it was extra nice to get those from Kim. I told Steve today I may have to drive out there tomorrow after my dental appointment to get some more!

The telephone -- at least I can talk to the kids if we can't actually visit in person.
Garden tomatoes - I am so going to miss having fresh tomatoes all the rest of the year.
Cooler weather.
Mums and pumpkins.


StitchinByTheLake said...

This topic is the subject of lots of discussion in my quilt guild as well. I've been President this year, my second time to do that. I have refused to do it a third time. We have a quilt show every other year but it's always difficult to get someone to be in charge, although workers aren't a problem. I don't have kids at home any more but I'm not less busy than those with children. I just have a different list than I did when the kids were here. And to top it off my body is slowing down and it's more of an effort to be away from home than it used to be. My priorities have shifted some as well - I love my alone time at home and I love my church activities as well as the time I'm able to see my children and grandchildren. Those things come first, as they should. We women have a strong tendency to feel guilty about the things we don't do, rather than embracing pride for what we accomplish. I'm changing my focus to the latter and letting go of the former. blessings, marlene

McIrish Annie said...

I think your guild problem is universal. I have been secretary for 2 years, vicepresident for 2 years and because no one would help out, I am now co-chair of the program committee. We have a problem getting people to volunteer. All of us have limited time and maybe the local guild is going the way of the dinosaur with so much quilting information and ways to connect with quilters on the internet. Our membership is down as well as our participation in programs, etc.

When my time is up in June, this will be my last office position. Everyone has limited time but if the guild is important, others will need to step up.

SORRY, I didn't mean to go on and on.. I think you hit a nerve! LOL

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the Illinois weather is a lot like SD has been!

Leadership fatigue is common, I think. Maybe you can find 2 or 3 who would be willing to share the responsibility? co-chairs?