Saturday, August 16, 2008

My new table

Here's my new table in place in the sewing studio (aka clutter room). I love it for a number of reasons -- one it is handmade, two it is wood (in case you've never noticed -- I love wood -- I live in a log home and all of the interior walls are knotty pine, all of the ceilings are pine, the log walls are Eastern White Pine, the ceiling beams are spruce and even the floor on the main floor of the house is mostly oak, except for the clutter room and bathroom which are quarry tile).

Also, the table came with two benches -- I put one under the table next to the wall as I don't need it and the second one is here under my built-in shelves which are behind me as I sit at my machine.
Both benches open like piano benches and have storage space! I only put a few things in this one and nothing in the other one as I can't really get to it too easily.
Anyway -- I took the extra sewing table I had in this room and put it upstairs where I plan on setting up my Brother machine in the spare bedroom (I also have all kinds of quilting stuff in that room!). And I was so thrilled with the new table, that I actually got a couple of things accomplished today. I finished the binding on this quilt:
This was one of Judy's Hour a Day quilts from last year -- I finally quilted it on Thursday afternoon and put the binding on yesterday. I quilted it with a panto called Feather Me by Meredith England. I like the looks of this panto too, so will for sure be using it more often. I also put the label on and washed and dried it. I'll be giving this one away this week.
I also labeled and washed and dried the quilt I showed the other day here. I'm giving it to my sister-in-law when we visit her in the hospital tomorrow. And then I planned on pressing scraps for an hour and hand quilting for an hour, but when I pulled the basket of scraps out, there was a stack of fabric on top leftover from the last Kansas Troubles quilt I put together, so I ended up piecing a back for that quilt instead. Took me most of the afternoon, but I think the back will be as interesting as the front when I finally get it finished. It was really handy to lay a cutting board on the new table and piece and cut and press right in the same place. Maybe tomorrow I'll find some time to press scraps!


AJ and Will are fine. Anne is recovering. Prayers have been answered.
My new wood table -- handmade makes it extra special.
Making a little headway in finishing quilts.


Vicki W said...

Nice new table and I love your QFAH.

Carolyn said...

I love those benches, the storage space is great! Your quilt is beautiful too...well done!

Mary said...

The quilt looks great and Feather Me is just perfect on it.

Sweet P said...

Your new table is awesome! And it's handmade - even better!