Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pride goeth before a fall

Two weeks ago I started a quilt for a friend on Saturday. I had just recently watched a new DVD by Kimmy Brunner and was really anxious to try out some of her tips for keeping the quilt square while quilting it. This quilt was a twin size, so not a small quilt. I loaded it and was really proud of myself -- everything was plumb and square, the tension was great, the pantograph was a great one for the quilt itself (Alfresco by Lorien Quilting, which is one of my favorites), everything was great. I got all the way down to the last roll of the quilt to do the bottom and discovered I had 1-1/2" more top than bottom! So, for sure, Pride goeth before a fall! I've spent the past two weeks picking stitches every day but one - at least 60+ hours! Finally finished it and put it back on the frame yesterday and finished quilting it last night -- with just enough backing (I had started down too far the first time, so there was enough backing, but it was my fault for not starting up closer to the leaders.) Barb picked it up today and seemed to be pleased with it, and I was also pleased with it. And, I would recommend Kimmy's Beginner's DVD to everyone -- there are some great tips in it -- and they work! vbg

Before I started Barb's quilt, I finished quilting this one. I put the binding on and stitched it down during a break from picking stitches! This is actually a test to see if Steve reads my blog! He wanted me to make him a Bears quilt. I ordered the Bears fabric from a place online that handles NFL stuff -- it came 60" wide and is really a nice weight cotton fabric. I found the football fabric at my local quilt store and had this pattern around for years. It's actually curved piecing, but not difficult and was kind of a nice change of pace to make it. So, Steve -- if you read my blog, your Bears quilt is done and ready for you to claim it! vbg

Speaking of Steve -- he had another MRI this past Thursday and everything is "stable" which means no sign of cancer returning at this time. He is still doing chemo for another 5 months. We are still thanking God and praying!

I haven't gotten much done around here in the past few weeks (or months, for that mattter!). I hope to get some fall decorations and quilts out this week, I plan to get some weeding done that has gotten way out of hand this summer, I'm definitely going to visit the grandkids and Steph this week -- the boys grow so fast I hate missing any of it. I need to get back to working on my house too -- taking the summer off gave me a little bit more quilting time, but not much and I need to spend some extra time on the house, and probably a bit less time on quilting. I'll think I'll enjoy my quilting time more if some of the other stuff gets done first anyway. And, I hope to get back to blogging more -- I'm way behind on my blog reading as well, so I need to catch up there and maybe do some cleaning out. Lots of plans for doing things, but I need to get organized first -- as usual!

Another great MRI for Steve.
Making plans and lists (that's how I organize -- making lists!)
Subway sandwiches on a "I don't feel like cooking" day!


Vicki W said...

Steve's quilt is great!

The Calico Quilter said...

Wait, wait, wait -- you picked out an entire quilt??!! Boy, do you have patience!

Very nice to hear your Steve is doing well. Blessings on all of you.

Shasta said...

I've had that problem before - I just sewed on extra fabric to the back and kept quilting. I am impressed that you had the patience to unpick and do over.

Carol said...

Great Steve news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think about him all the time. Glad to hear a great report.

Jen said...

oh No!!!!! I wish you would have blogged before you ripped. There's another way to go about this. =(

I've had it happen to me twice. I've found that if you just pick out the stitches from the last pass, you'll have enough backing fabric to work with. YOu can remove the quilt from the frame, peel back the top and batting and add a strip to the backing. You can re-load the quilt. Just pin the top edge (that is now a completed 3 layers) to the top most roller. Roll the quilt in place. Then pull the batting and top from the backing; pin the backing on the leader just as it had been, roll to where you need to be and go from there.

While fixing my two screw ups I also realized that I could quilt an oversized quilt this way too. For quilts too wide for my frame I leave a border or a row of blocks off. I can then take it off the frame; add these layers one at a time and then finish the quilting on my sit down machine. Of course, this only works with a meander but it still gets the job done.

Steven Talbott said...

I read it, I claim it...the quilt that is! WooHoo! Thank you, Thank You, Thank you. Can you make the Bears play better too?

I echo your comment, we both need to blog more, but at least I know where I get my freakish need to make lists!

Thanks for the quilt. I will be by to pick it up soon!

Love, Steve


Mary said...

I was reading Judy's comment about adding more backing - I found a method on MQResources that shows you how to add backing without even taking the quilt off. It took me a while to figure it out but it worked. Of course, I wouldn't have to figure it out all again if I needed to.

Don't you love hearing all these ideas after spending two weeks picking out the quilting??