Thursday, August 14, 2008

Further Update on AJ & Quilt Blocks

AJ's pediatrician said "it could have been West Nile Virus, or it could have been viral meningitis". Either way, he's well now, so it's too late to have a blood test to make a definitive diagnosis, as in all probability, there are no anti-bodies left. If he has any more headache episodes, they will deal with them as migraines.

And here is one of the things I bought at the garage sale yesterday: 20 blocks, all using the same background fabric and all hand pieced. I love them. I want to put them together into a quilt soon. Aren't they great?!

Today I bought a table for the sewing room -- should be about sewing table height and will give me lots more flat surface room in there. It'll be delivered this weekend (how's that for great -- buy a table at a garage sale by phone, no less, and have it delivered to boot!).


Sweet P said...

I'm happy to hear AJ is better.

Those blocks are incredible! Especially if they are hand pieced!

Great deal on the new table. Can't wait to see it.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I can't imagine anyone selling those blocks in a yard sale! You were so lucky to find them. I have found a couple of nice quilt tops in junk stores but that was a long time ago. And once I found some beautiful blocks that I made into a quilt by adding an alternate block to them (there weren't many of them). It turned out gorgeous. I just love "found" things. :) blessings, marlene

Screen Door said...

Great blocks. It's stuff being helpless to the doctors. I hope everyone is feeling better real quick. I went to a kitchen counter top factory in town and got a counter top and Don put it in my Sewing room at a good "sewing height". Makes it a lot easier on your back. You'll love your table...