Friday, May 09, 2008

A productive day

Here it is May 9 and I forgot to snap a picture of our new calendar page. This one is all Will!

And then, just for the heck of it -- I snapped a picture of our house taken from near the street at the end of the driveway.

And finally, a picture of my Fern Leaf Peony. It is getting ready to bloom -- it blooms before the regular peonies even think about it. The blooms are great, but obviously, it's claim to fame is it's leaves.
And this picture was taken before I weeded it today! I managed to get out and do some more weeding today, actually finishing the bed I was working on, finished the above bed including peonies and daylilies, up to the redbud tree, weeded the strawberries which are starting to bloom and pulled some garlic mustard and false solomon seal from two other beds. The garlic mustard is really trying to take over our woods in the back, but I can at least keep it out of my flower beds.

After all that work, I only managed to work a little bit on the longarm today -- I was tired and sore! But I should be able to finish that quilt tomorrow.

Our tax bill only went up $100 this year (as opposed to the $2k it has risen in the past two years).
Getting more accomplished outside today than I planned. Just maybe I can keep up with it this year!


Kimberly said...

Dear JoAnne,
Ohhh, I'm so envious! I love your house, I've wanted a log home for years. And I want a fern leaf peony so badly! It's a beautiful home, I can see why you enjoy it so much.
Also, did I tell you that our MS team, Hawkwalkers, raised over $9,000 for this year's Walk MS? We had a garage sale, a trail ride/chili feed/auction, & also raised individual donations. So of course, next year's goal is $10,000!lol We'll keep praying for Steve & Kim

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've never seen a fern leaf peony! Gorgeous...please show it when it blooms.