Sunday, May 11, 2008

I finished my part of the quilt!

My friend, Jackie made this quilt for the new Hospice facility being built in Oregon, IL. There will be 8 beds and they want larger than twin size quilts. This is the second one she's finished. She always says she has a hard time doing "scrappy" -- I think she did a fabulous job on scrappy -- this is a beautiful quilt. I finally finished quilting it today (with just a pantograph called Popcorn).
The pattern was from a Fons and Porter magazine a few years ago -- I made one way back when and it's on the double bed in the guest room. I probably showed a picture here before, but I'm not going to go searching for it!

We had a wonderful Mother's Day brunch with the kids yesterday -- trying to avoid the crowds today, but the place was packed yesterday anyway! It was great and both grandsons were on their best behaviour. Will is so close to walking by himself and he absolutely loves walking when someone is holding his hands. And he smiled and laughed and entertained the rest of the adults and still ate a good amount of food from Mommy's plate!

Today was cold, windy and rainy for the most part. The sun finally came out late this afternoon, but the wind hasn't died down much. It was fine, though -- great quilting weather! As soon as I finished Jackie's quilt, I really wanted to pin another on and keep quilting. I have that feeling every time I finish one on the longarm -- guess I should get some backings made so I can do that. I have plenty of tops waiting.

Being with the whole family yesterday -- we really don't get together enough!
The kids gave me some beautiful hanging baskets for the front porch -- I have two of them back in the corner waiting to be hung -- it was so windy today I was afraid they would be ruined -- will have to hang them tomorrow.
Fresh asparagus!

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Elaine Adair said...

Lovely and LARGE quilt to give away. Very pretty, but your GARDEN is REALLY lovely. Oh happy spring!