Thursday, May 15, 2008

Keeping Busy

No pics today, because I don't have the energy to go back upstairs for the camera!

I have spent some time in the sewing room yesterday and today. (Well, first, Tuesday was Bill's 82nd birthday, so he had to go take the driver's test again. In Illinois, at the age of 80 you are required to take the driver's test every two years. So, of course he failed the eye test. So, yesterday we spent the morning at the eye doctor's and got written permission for him to drive during the day. But they dilated his eyes so we couldn't go back to the examiners bureau for him to take the drivers test until today.) So yesterday afternoon I finished the borders on the spring wallhanging I was working on weeks ago. Then made the binding and the backing. Then I got the backing made for 3 more quilt tops that have been "seasoning". Felt pretty good about getting 4 quilts ready for quilting.
Today, I had to drive Bill to his "retirees breakfast" (aka Old Farts Breakfast), and then to the drivers license bureau so he could actually take the drivers test, which he did and passed, so now he's free to drive himself!
So, came home today and started pulling ufo's from the cabinets and the drawers. I put borders on a few -- mostly wall hangings and table runners and baby size quilts -- also made bindings and backings. All told -- I did 8 more quilts today that are now ready for quilting! Most of these are really ugly -- some of those "WHAT WAS I THINKING?" quilts. I'm going to go ahead and quilt them anyway -- the ones that I like I will give to friends and family and the rest I will see if Steph wants to sell them at her garage sale - cheap! I still have more tops to get ready, but at least 4 or 5 of them are good, and larger quilts, so they'll go on the bottom of the stacks so I can practice a lot before I tackle them. It does feel good to make some progress on these things that have been hanging around for years now. I want to get as much of this stuff cleaned out so I can work on what is left and maybe work on some new things too. I have some bags of quilt parts waiting to be pieced and/or appliqued and I still like the quilts, so I want to get started on finishing them. I'm glad I made kits for these a couple of years ago, so I know everything I need should be there. And I have at least two quilts I want to start from new fabrics and new patterns!
Oh yeah -- and I have been busting stash right and left making borders, backings and bindings for these quilts today. That really feels good. I'm not going to stop and figure out how much, but I know it's yards and yards. I even pieced some baby flannel for the back of one quilt. And in between doing all these, I've been doing my brick wall pattern as leaders/enders, so I'll have another small top finished when the rest of these are done.

Bill has his license for another two years (and you don't have to worry -- he's a careful driver and doesn't drive long distances any more!).
Will took his first two unassisted steps on Bill's birthday Tuesday! And his doctor's appointment today was great -- he charms everyone he meets with a smile.
We had a great dinner out with Steve & Kim on Tuesday night.


Candace said...

Sounds like you have been a quilting dynamo. I'll bet the quilts are prettier to other eyes than they are to yours. I wish I lived closer, I'd have my alarm set and my wallet ready to be the first in line at that garage sale.

Anonymous said...

I just happened on your blog while surfing the net and have to comment on your "Old Fart's" breakfast story. It made me laugh! My husband and I (both 60) eat breakfast on the weekends at a favorite diner and one Saturday we noticed all the waitresses were wearing cute name tags. When we inquired we were told that they were a gifts from the Romeo club. Of course we had to ask what the Romeo club was. Turns out it is a group of men who meet at the diner for breakfast every Thursday. They decided to name themselves the "Romeo Club" for Retired Old Men Eating Out!
Susan R.