Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday's Happenings

Tomorrow is Briana's 10th birthday, so yesterday we had the family party at Steph's. She had a small party for her friends on Saturday, so the birthday "cake" was leftover cupcakes or apple pie! She didn't seem to mind. That's Will in the high chair, AJ sitting at the table, her Uncle Mark (on her dad's side) and Grandpa Bill.

Next picture is Will with Grandma (yeah, that's me- silver hair and double chin), Grandpa Bill and Aunt Kim with his cousin Elizabeth.

And last picture is the block(s) for the spring wallhanging that I put together quickly before we went to Wisconsin!

We came home with an old dresser that I gave them years ago (they bought a nice new one for AJ), and 3 computers, a monitor and new keyboard and mouse! Good thing we drove the truck yesterday! We put the dresser up in the spare room when we got home and I'm going to load it with quilts -- I've run out of room to store my wall hangings and table runners and lap quilts!
The 3 computers -- one works but needs a hard drive, one doesn't work at all and the third is brand new but it also doesn't work. I spent 4 hours last night trying to get it to work and I suspect either the motherboard is bad or the cpu. I'm probably going to try to put the one new hard drive into the one computer that does work, salvage what I can from the rest and recycle the rest of the stuff. Nice thing is I swapped out the flat screen monitor for my old heavy 17" monitor and took the keyboard and mouse! All of this stuff is from Steve -- he tried to build me a new computer (and I seriously think the new cpu is bad), and he wanted to get rid of the old one that doesn't work and the one that does work is Kim's old one. My computer has been making noises at startup, so I suspect it is rather sick. Anyway -- we had to make a few trips to get everything in the house and up and down the stairs!
Briana - she has such a sweet disposition and is so good to her brothers.
Weather - it was cool, but partly sunny and no precipitation. (Although there was a lot of standing water on our way up -- we've had a lot of rain in the last few days).
Flat screen monitor -- boy is that nice!


Carol E. said...

Your grandkids are adorable!

Love Bears All Things said...

Hello Joanne,
We're about the same age. I found your blog over at Screen Door. I am just browsing some quilter's blogs. Enjoyed my visit and seeing your grands. I have a granddaughter named Brianna(2 n's) who will be 8 in October. Altogether I have 7. Do you ever call your Brianna Brie. We do that a lot.
Mama Bear