Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome to the New Millenium

Yeehaw!!! I have finally arrived into the new millenium! I can now enjoy all your blogs --including all pictures, slideshows and videos! I can't tell you how excited I am! Today the satellite internet service was installed -- in case you hadn't guessed!

However -- I am writing from my laptop because my pc is completely corrupted. I am in the process of saving everything I can and then I'll be reformatting it. Not a big job, just time involved. That's where I have been for more than a week -- fussing with computers. No quilting is getting done; I did manage to finish spring cleaning the clutter room and the small bath and have started on the kitchen, but I may have to spend my spring cleaning day working on the computer. Whatever.... I am happy to be able to enjoy high speed internet on my breaks!

Briana is beginning to recover from a week long bout of the stomach flu.
Laptop computers.
Having the XP disk in the first place I looked!


Screen Door said...

Hope you are enjoying the "new toy". Enjoy your weekend.

Shelina said...

Welcome to the new millennium. Although I can't say I'm much here either. I just got a cell phone this year. High speed internet is awesome though. Good luck with the spring cleaning. I suppose computers need cleaning as much as rooms do, although the results aren't quite as obvious.