Thursday, December 06, 2007

What's Your Opinion?

I was supposed to babysit the grands today, but Steph called early this morning and it was decided because we're supposed to get another winter blast this afternoon that it wouldn't be great to be driving home in blowing snow. (As it turns out, the snow hasn't started yet, so I probably could have made it most of the way home before the blast -- but who knew?!) So, today turned out to be a free quilty day. I cut out most of the Christmas Stars quilt I plan to make with the new fabric I bought last week. And now I need your opinion: There will be two blocks -- red stars and green stars. Which do you like better, the red with green center or all red? And the green with red center or all green? I'm leaning towards the opposite centers because I think the green needs that bit of red punch.

Blogger is not playing nice with me today, so who knows what order the four pictures will end up in?!
I had planned on starting the second installment of Bonnie's Mystery Quilt today, too, but got caught up in this one. I'm still in the process of making flying geese units and I haven't cut out the sashings or borders yet. So, tomorrow, the plan is get the strips ready to chain sew on Bonnie's and use them as leader/enders for this one! Well, that's the plan anyway.

Steph's mother in law was able to step in and babysit for an hour so she could get to the dentist.
She's home before the snow started.
Another quilty snow day!


Tracey in CT said...

I'm going to be no help, I like both ways! I'd probably go with the opposite centers though, just to tie everything together a little more. And I think the more fabrics in each block the better!

Anonymous said...

Hello Joanne-
This is my first time visiting your blog, but I'll offer my humble opinion anyway! :-) I like the opposite centers, I agree that it gives more punch that way. I've been a quilter for 15 years now and I really enjoyed reading your blog.

May Britt said...

I love the red with green inside best. Lovely block pattern :)

Kathie said...

I like the red with red center and then just make the green with the red center.
I think the green needs the bit of red to make the block come alive.
wonder how that would be?
I do like the red with the green center too .
VERY pretty fabrics can't wait to see this quilt progress!

Screen Door said...

I love the solid red on red, but for the quilt with 2 colors I definitely think going opposite centers brings it all together. Love that block.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I'm of no help deciding when I like all the options - could you just do a few of each??? LOL! It is a pretty block.



Sew Create It - Jane said...

I agree with Screen Door..I love the red and red, but if you are using 2 colours then the opposite centres are nice.

Carol said...

The only one I'm not nuts about is the all green one...the other 3 are wonderful!

Elaine Adair said...

Oh great - I had an opinion until I read all the others - talk about 'Easily Influenced!' I like all red and then green with red center. There I said it and I'm sticking to that! I have found that when a quilt is 50% one color way and 50% the other color, it's hard to 'see' what color it is. Make sense?

Just watch - you'll come up with something different and it will be smashing!

Angie said...

Just had to weigh in here...I like the red/red and green/green. :> We're no help are we? Just makes it even more difficult to decide! LOL

Anonymous said...

I seem to like the green with the red center the best, don't know why, it just seems to pop more. I think I'd like the red with green center more if the green was a little darker, just my humble opinion.

atet said...

The alternate color centers -- it really makes those blocks pop!

Bingo~Bonnie said...

I'm different than everyone else, but I really the blocks that are all red or all green... This is gonna make a very nice Christmas quilt. ;)

Happy Weekend! ~Bonnie

Tamera said...

I like the all red one, or the red one with the green middle. I like the more pronounced contrast between the red and the background.

sophie said...

I think the blocks with the contrasting center squares draw your eyes to the center square and away from all those points. I'd make blocks with the same color centers as points for that reason.