Friday, December 07, 2007

Another day

Survey results:
It seems everyone likes the all red one and no one is too fond of the green fabric at all -- the green is actually part of the collection and it does match the green in the red and tan fabrics. I would prefer a darker, maybe forest or hunter green, but it didn't work with the other two. Personally, I love the red and tan fabrics and the all red block, but I need the green in there for contrast. I finished the flying geese today, so I'll play around with them again tomorrow before I decide what to do.

I spent an hour and a half getting my mammogram this morning -- par for the course, I always have to have twice the number of films than normal. But, thankfully, no spots or lumps and I'm good to go for another year. Then had to pick up Bill's chain saw from the repair shop and stop at the store. I swear we had more snow in our driveway this morning than the whole city of Rockford -- so roads were clear anyway (and I probably could have gone to Wisconsin yesterday, darn it).

Got a couple of nice packages in the mail yesterday: The bottom border portion for the Primitive Garden quilt; and the winter edition of Kansas Troubles newsletter and 4 fat quarters of her fabric. And today in the mail we got a Christmas gift from my niece in Colorado -- a very nice digital photo frame (I always open Tammy's gift because I know she opened hers as soon as it got there - which was probably today -- my brother & sister-in-law used to open gifts on Christmas eve because my sister-in-law couldn't wait and their daughter is just like her! LOL -- Tammy got the 4 stars tablerunner.

I hope to work on my Christmas Stars quilt tomorrow and I need to get started on the second installment of Bonnie's Mystery Quilt. We're supposed to get another snow storm this weekend and again next Tuesday -- it's really a great time to stay in and quilt.

The roads were only wet this morning for the half hour drive to my appointment.
Hershey's Kisses
My niece, her husband and son.

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Nines said...

Is it too late to put my vote in? I loved them all!! But then, I love scrappy quilts. Glad your Mommogram results were good. Never any fun and I always have to get them done 2x, too! "Dense breast tissue." Like I'm a cut of beef that's just too tough! Here's hoping we're snowed in and don't need to get out! More time to sew and visit, online! Happy Holidays!