Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mystery & Mittens

Here's my hundred red and green rail fence blocks -- the first step of Bonnie's mystery. I ended up using the scraps I pulled out of the bins -- I had a large amount of red and green and still have a lot of neutrals in there that I'll press and cut as needed. Just wasn't any sense in pulling fabrics from stash when I have such a mess of scraps in the bins.

And here's the completed mitten tablerunner. This was really fast to make and I love how cute it turned out. I used some great blue fabrics for the background and then appliqued the mittens using all flannels. Today I put the binding on and even stitched it down after I finished the rail fence blocks.

Still haven't cut out the red/green/tan quilt I wanted to work on -- maybe on Friday after my mammogram! Tomorrow I get to babysit the grandsons for a few hours. Hopefully, I won't have to drive in snow or freezing rain on the way home. We did get 4 or 5 inches of snow last night and the wind has been howling since about midnight, so it's really been blowing around. And tomorrow we're supposed to get more snow -- late afternoon, early evening.

Our neighbor/friend plowed our drive this morning (after Bill had already snow-blowed it once!).
A Quilter's Snow Day today -- playing in the sewing room.


Screen Door said...

Great mystery squares. I was so tempted to join. Oh well, I'll get my turn another day. The mitten table runner will be awesome all the way through february. Looks like you've been having fun.... that's what quilting is supposed to be about.

Jeanne said...

Joanne, your rails look great. There's quite a few of us who are using the red/green combination. Mine have reds on the outside and green as the accent color. This is going to be lots of fun!

Kim said...

I love the table runner :)
And we have the same colors and layout for the mystery....

Robin C said...

love your tablerunner. It's really cute. What pattern did you use?

be careful driving in that snow.

Ginger Patches said...

I love your rails, I still haven't decided on color but after seeing yours I'm leaning toward red and green:)

doni said...

The winter storm is on our way tonight - Nebraska. Good luck to both of us.

Love your mitten table runner - so cheery!