Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Christmas Present

In case you haven't noticed, I'm trying to post something on my blog every day!
This is my Christmas present! What is it? It's my central vacuum system with a brand new motor. Bill took it apart yesterday, took it to the dealer, he called this morning with the estimate and an hour later called to say it was finished! Saved about $500 over buying a new system. So, yes, I am spoiled and now I have two new vacuums! BTW -- the Sears upright that I bought works great (except I am so not used to using an upright and one that doesn't fit well into corners unless you use the tools part). Naturally, I whined Monday when Bill asked me how I liked it. And yes -- I know he's a keeper. I'll be nice to him!

We're getting the snow now that was predicted -- anywhere from 3 to 6 inches. I managed to get all my errands run before it started, so I'll just spend my time in the sewing room. I finished appliqueing the mitten blocks last night, pinned and quilted around them today (and surely know the reason I got a longarm -- I am really bad quilting on my DSM). I've also made the binding, but haven't gotten it on yet because I had to help Bill re-install my vacuum! So tomorrow I hope to get the binding on and cut fabrics and make 100 rail fence blocks for Bonnie's Mystery Quilt. It's going to be a quilting day tomorrow!

I'm grateful my DSIL is back home after spending the weekend in the hospital, but I sure wish her kids would insist she move in with them -- she's all alone in the Chicago area and her 4 kids are spread all over -- not in the area.
My hubby -- I think I'll keep him.


Anonymous said...

I love your comment about the vacuum for Christmas gift. I just convinced my dear hubby to take me to the hardware store and buy a generator as a mutual gift. I live about an hour east of you and we live in the land of the no power/can't flush and this will be luxury. Glad you got in before the snow. We foolishly went out and saw 2 roll over accidents on our way home. Good sewing weather.

Mary aka oleqwilter@aol.com

Screen Door said...

Stay tucked in through the bad weather--- your husband is definitely a keeper.

julieQ said...

How nice he was able to repair it; I agree, he is a keeper. What colors are you using in your mystery quilt?