Monday, December 03, 2007

Decorated Tree

Here's the tree with the decorations on it! I just got out the Lenox China snowflakes, a treasured set of bisque snowflakes given to me by my BFF Deb, and an assortment of antique looking, or primitive type decorations and let it go with that -- I think it's enough. This picture was taken about 4:30 this afternoon, with the lights on the tree lit. One string this year is enough.

Today was spent cleaning house and doing laundry, and cleaning out my decorations bins that I keep in the guest room upstairs -- all the fall, some Christmas and the rest spring/summer everyday stuff. I had them all messed up and now I have the fall stuff altogether as well as the Christmas stuff separated from the everyday stuff -- it's one of those things that has been bugging me forever and when I finally got around to doing it, it only took less than an hour!

I started the mitten quilt yesterday and only have 3 more mittens to applique down before I get it ready for quilting. I'm using regular cotton for the background, but flannels for the mittens -- I think it's going to be really cute.

We're supposed to get snow tomorrow and Wednesday -- oh joy. I have to drive to Steph's on Thursday to babysit, but it should be clear by then. And Friday I have a mammogram appointment -- oh joy again! vbg It's supposed to snow again on Friday, but hopefully I can get in and out and home before it decides to do it. I hate driving in the stuff.

Got my list finished and even got some stuff done that wasn't on my list.
George Forman's grill -- so nice and fast to fix pork chops on for dinner.
Digital cameras


Vicky said...

Your tree is wonderful!!! I love it!!!

cher said...

well done on the tree front! I like that idea of doing the mittens in flannel! I may have to steal that idea myself..being on a mission to use up my flannel stash that I am

Angie said...

Oh yes, I do love your tree! It's just perfect with your log house!! :)