Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday, Monday

No pics tonight. This was a typical Monday - do laundry and clean house. Still have a load in the dryer and the last load in the washer waiting for the dryer. House is clean. Don't know why I bothered -- should have planned to do it tomorrow. The ice storm that is currently south and west of us is heading our way -- sometime after midnight expected arrival. I usually run errands on Tuesday and if I had half a brain I'd have done that today and cleaned tomorrow. Doesn't matter though -- I'm not going out tomorrow at all. Bill ran to the store this afternoon and bought milk so we're good to go -- we can eat out of the freezer and pantry for months!
I did cut the sashings and borders for my Christmas Stars quilt, but that was the extent of the sewing today. I may stitch on my Primitive Garden block tonight or I may read a book -- I'm flexible. vbg

Hope everyone in the path of this storm is staying safe. See ya tomorrow!


Screen Door said...

Good Morning-- Soundslike great quilting weather. Primitive Gatherings has a pic of our quilt on their site. Check it out....

Tracy said...

I hope you are safe and warm during the storm. Does sound like great quilting weather!