Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Decorating

Is this the greatest Christmas tree, or what?! I know -- my kids and probably my husband will hate it, but I absolutely love it. And seeing as how I'm 60 years old, my kids all have their own homes and Bill doesn't do any decorating around here, I'm putting up what I want. I haven't dug out the tree ornaments yet...the two that are on the tree I just bought at my favorite quilt store. I'm going to be very selective on what I put on the tree and there won't be a lot. I put 1 string of 100 lights on it, although I may buy another string before the season is over.
I have actually looked for a twig tree for years and this year I finally found a source and I'm really happy with it -- primitive and folk art, standing in my log home library looking out at the back porch and the snow/sleet and the woods in the back...what could be better? Oh, I know, my quilted tree skirt!

I had planned on cutting my new quilt out today, but then got caught up in the excitement of Bonnie's Scrap Quilt Mystery. So, naturally, I've been digging through scraps and pulled an overflowing drawer of 1-1/2" and 2" strips and squares. I'm going to do mine in red, green and neutral, because I can always use another Christmas quilt. And then I pulled fabrics to make the mitten tablerunner at the Harbour Quilt Company. Just can't resist it either and I think it'll go fast. Anyway -- so far haven't cut anything out and will have to do a lot of pressing before I can start Bonnie's. Maybe I press while I watch the Bears today!

I'm grateful Blogger has an automatic save on these posts -- almost lost this one half way through!
Christmas trees
My fabric stash -- nice to be able to pull fabrics for anything I might want to start at anytime.


cher said...

good start on the Christmas decorating getting your tree set up-yes, Bonnie's mystery sounds fun.
Nice that you can jump in and have lots of fun using your stash and making some new projects.

tami said...

I LOVE your Charlie Brown tree too. I have been looking for a tree like that for years. Where did you find it?

Angie said...

I love, Love, LOVE your tree!!! Please do tell---where DID you get it??? :>

Anonymous said...

I too love that tree! Where did you get it! Or have you had it for a long time?

Rabbit Stitchings said...

That is a fantastic tree!!!!

I can't seem to get the pictures on peoples blogs including my own to enlarge by clicking on them anymore :O(... grrrr...

Be sure to put up pics when you get it decorated!

Ginger Patches said...

That tree reminds of my grandparents tree growing up. My grandpa ordered it special from back east (we're in Ca.) I think it was a Blue Spruce, he grew up in Canada and didn't like our California trees! I always look around for one like it but except for a couple of years the closest I've gotten is a noble fir. Anyway I love that tree!